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    Hi there,
    I just tried VorpX with both Skyrim and Left 4 Dead 2, after a lot of fiddling I was able to get it running somewhat smoothly, but what really bugs me the 3D effect I get.
    At default settings everything feels very flat, like as watching a movie on a flat screen, and only objects that are really close seem to have 3 dimensons. If I crank up the 3D Strengh slider all the way up I now get a nice 3D effect from farther objects but everything seems zoomed out/small, feels like I am inside a dollhouse or something. I
    I tried raising the FOV both through console and the FOV Enchancement slider, but everything still looks small.
    Is this how things are supposed to be? You just strike a balance between 3D Strength and FOV that is suitable to your tastes or is there an optimal setting to correct this where you can have both a nice 3D effect from distance and a good scaling/FOV?
    By the way, I tried both Geometry and the Z modes in Skyrim, they both seem to behave like this…



    FOV at 120 is the most important thing. Be careful with raising the 3D Strength. If you use Geometry 3D, the default of 1.0 is quite close to what you experience in reality.

    The higher you raise separation (3D-Strength), the smaller the world around you gets, this is how it works. Imagine it as your eyes becoming farther apart in reality, which would have the same effect.

    VR is not about an over the top 3D effect, it’s about recreating realistic scale and 3D. The default value is pretty close to that. If you think you really have to change it, change it with great care.


    I dunno man. Skyrim in geometry 3d looks pretty eye popping awesome to me! In the opening scene when you first encounter the dragon and it is attacking you, when it snaps its teeth at you it definitely comes at my face seemingly. That and the depth far is still good. I use FOV 120 and have adjuster the IPD to match my eyes. Maybe that is also a setting you should try out. Your eyes might be closer together or further apart from the “average” that oculus defaults to. Try playing around with that setting a little and with FOV it might help greatly. :)


    Thanks for the answers. I guess I’ll play around with the settings a little bit more by turning the 3D Strength down and adjusting the IPD, see what comes out :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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