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    I am using an Oculus rift DK2, (I have a GTX 970, so VR performance shouldn’t be the issue), VorpX connects to the games that I play but it does not make them 3D. 3D definitely works on my Oculus with VorpX (Virtual Cinema scene is 3D for me) but the 3D Reconstruction option is locked at “off”, leaving it looking flat. Even when I play officially supported games (Antichamber and Portal 2), it doesn’t work. Is there there anything I missed or will a fix be coming out soon?


    In case you have a Windows user account with special characters in it:

    There currently is a glitch where sometimes vorpX can’t properly access the profile database if a Windows username is used that contains special (non-ASCII) characters. This will be fixed shortly with the next vorpX version.

    Until then please try the following workaround:

    1. Create a second Windows user account with only ASCII characters in it (e.g. “arduano”).
    2. Reinstall and use vorpX with this new user account


    That’s not my issue. It knows the game is supported (it doesn’t say
    “This game is not officially supported”, unlike other games like BeamNG.drive). My issue is that 3D reconstruction doesn’t work, even on supported games (again, which my VorpX client knows is supported and is able to find the settings). The 3D Reconstruction option is locked at off in unsupported games, and simply is not there in supported games (i am guessing because VorpX is confident that it is working because it is going by the profile). Am i doing something wrong?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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