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    I’m sorry if i a little misunderstandable but please tell me something. Is this vorpx (or future edition will?) can play full resolution Top/Bottom 3D movies in Oculus rift like if it be just a screen? what i mean well i know players like original oculus video can play some specific format 3d like if u placed in a cinema, or moon, or a homecinema room and a black place where we see the move in some “wall” but we accually can see around in this black nothing place. I think this isn’t good. I want the see all types of 3D movies (Top/Buttom Half and full size and Left-Right too with ac3 and DTS audio) But the most thing i want to know can this program playback 3d movies in Fixed left and right screen in the oculus rift so i doesn’t matter where i wanna turn my head, i just see the full screen movie on my rift screens? Or this program is forced me to watch movies like if i sit some places and a projector show the movie on the wall or anything?

    as i said i’m sorry if i can’t be understandable easily.
    And many thanks for informative answers!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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