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    Seph Swain

    I’m playing Rocket League with these graphic settings:
    borderless, custom resolution (set with command line arguments), no in-game FPS limit

    With resolution 2160 x 1200 (9:5) I get a constant 90fps on both game and headset.
    With resolution 3240 x 1800 (9:5) I get a constant 45fps on both.

    (same effect with Steam and Epic launcher)

    In the realese notes thread I read about “Game: 45, Headset: 45 – WMR reprojects”.

    Can I get 90fps with the higher resolution?

    (RTX3070, Monitor is 1920×1080)


    That sounds odd. vorpX has it’s own frame interpolation that normally supports uneven game/headset FPS ratios unless ‘Fluid Sync’ is switched on in the vorpX menu. Headset runtimes may drop to 45fps themselves though if they feel like it, maybe that’s the case here.

    Anyway: In principle you can reach 90fps at any resolution, but whether that is actually possible in a given game depends on your PC’s performance, especially with G3D, which is fairly demanding since everything has to be rendered twice. G3D at least costs half the FPS compared to no 3D, sometimes even more. 3240×1800 with G3D at 90fps may work for older games, but even with a very fast PC that won’t pan out for most newer games.

    Seph Swain

    Hi Ralf, thanks for the enlightenment!

    I watched the numbers more carefully and this is what happens:
    For resolutions higher than 2160×1200 framerate starts at 90fps and then suddenly drops to a constant 45fps after about 20s-30s of gameplay.

    This never happens with 2160×1200. So I’ll stick with that.

    Danke und Gruß!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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