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    I know most of these questions could be answered if I had access to Vorpx myself, but I bought Vorpx for my visually impaired dad, so he could play games. He tried the DK2 at my friends house and walking around in Skyrim is almost as clear as the real world to him.
    I messed around and got it setup up, but the 3d edge peek mode was way to small for him to be able to read the menus. I realized that the old 2d edge peek mode, that he used the first time he played might be used instead, but I didn’t test it out.

    1. Is there a zoom function in 2d edge peek or is it already enlargening the screen?
    2. Does 2d edge peek turn off headtracking in the game, so the world doesn’t spin around, so he could use it to zoom in an item in the game? (like reading the names of items while looking at it in Skyrim)
    3. Is the mouse in the center of the screen?
    4. Is 2 edge peek implemented in desktop mode. If not would it be possible to add? (This could actually change my farthers computer use not only for games, but reading, surfing and making music, if it was well implemented).

    Thanks guys


    The 2D EdgePeek mode is pretty much a leftover from the ancient past, it will likely be removed at some point. Not having it used for almost two years, I can’t even really answer your questions, sorry. There definitely will be no development in this regard anymore. I don’t think it doesn’t even work in direct mode, but I might be mistaken here.

    The next vorpX version will come with quite a few changes in regard to menu handling though. Most importantly it will always be sized the same regardless of EdgePeek or not, you will also be able to use the mouse in menus without that causing game movement anymore (at least in ~90% of the games). One of the many small annoyances that were addressed this time.


    How about adding the desktop extra screen zoom feature to 3d edge peek in games? It would really mean the world to my dad and it could probably be useful in games with smaller font sizes for a lot of other people too.

    If you are interested I would be open to paying you for adding such a feature, if it wouldn’t take too much time. Please mail me at ketil-jensen@hotmail.com


    That’s a bit more complicated than you may think since the cinema magnifier window technically is the same sub system as EdgePeek, just for cinema mode. I’ll see whether I can come up with something.

    A good way to get to your goal right now is playing games in Cinema Mode (scene “None” or “Ambient”) with the screen moved very close to the camera. That is almost as immersive as FullVR mode, but this way you always have the magnifier window available. Due to the way games handle mouse input, in some games the magnifier window may always show the screen center, but in many others it will be useful.

    BTW: if necessary, the magnification factor can be changed with SHIFT+MOUSEWHEEL while the magnifier window is open.


    That’s a good idea, I’ll mess with cinema mode the next time I visit him.

    Thanks for the shift+mousewheel tip that will help alot.

    I’ll probably post more suggestions and problems down the line, but I respect that your goals are someplace else at the moment. You are doing great work Ralf!

    Thanks for your response.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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