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    I know some of these questions have probably already been answered but I have searched the forums for the past hour and haven’t found answers.

    1. How is everyone tracking FPS? Is there a builtin FPS counter? Will fpsVR suffice?

    2. Do I need to limit my fps in any way?

    3. How to apply a downloaded profile? I imported the vorpx profile. Does that mean it’s applied automatically?

    4. How to max out resolution? Do I simply push the game’s internal resolution as far as I can? I have the resolution setting in the vorpx(in-game menu) set to the max value 2600p. Does this override the game resolution? Is this the HMD’s resolution?

    5. Is there a preference for whether games should be in windowed mode or fullscreen?

    6. Will Nvidia’s Dynamic Super Resolution improve resolution in games using vorpx?

    7. Will steamVr’s super sampling help?

    8. I am playing Fallout 3. When I move my mouse horizontally, there is a jitter(yes sorry for another jitter thread). There is no jitter with headtracking. I can move the mouse in the y-axis just a tiny amount. I feel like if I disable all y-axis movement with the mouse, the jitter will disappear. Is there a way to do that? If not, any advice on getting rid of the jitter? Gameplay is so smooth wit headtracking but I want to mouse/gamepad to be just as smooth.

    Thanks for your time.


    After a couple other hours of searching around, I have found answers to some of my questions. Hopefully someone sees this comment before they start typing. However, my other questions still need answering.

    1. Yes there is a built in fps counter. Use Alt-F to display it.

    4. I see that there are custom resolutions. Is this the way to crank out extra resolution? As I understand it, vorpx’s resolution in directVR overrides internal game resolution right? The resolutions in vorpx is based on display resolution? I am running 2560*1440 right now. DirectVR resolution is set to 2600p(max value I can select). Is this working as intended? Fallout 3’s ini has the resolution set to 2660*2128. This is being overridden right? Basically, I want a higher resolution. How do I do this?

    8. From one video I watched, there seems to be a built in mechanism that limits y-axis movement using a mouse or gamepad. However, it isn’t perfect. One solution I came across was to use an old-fashioned ball mouse and disable the vertical sensor. Seems like an extreme way to solve the problem. There must be a way to block all vertical input from a normal mouse right?


    Sorry in advance if not all of your detailed questions will be answered, I‘ll concentrate on those that look more important to me.

    You don‘t need to care about limiting FPS.

    Downloaded profiles are active as soon as as you import them.

    VorpX changes the game resolution if possible. As you already discovered you can choose a preferred quality in the vorpX menu. In other games go as high as you think makes sense. Keep an eye on performance though! A super high resolution is worth nothing at 20fps.

    DSR: Use custom resolutions instead.

    Running games windowed can make sense sometimes if you encounter problems with a game running fullscreen, but there is no general answer to your question.

    SteamVR supersampling does not help, actually it‘s factored out. vorpX first renders the game at its own res and then in a second pass renders the game to the headset, the headset resolution is determined by vorpX. For better image quality you have to change the game res, not the SteamVR res.

    Hope that answers your most important points.


    Thanks for the reply and answers.

    Just need some clarification on the resolution.
    How can I tell vorpx is changing the game resolution?
    fallout3.ini is set to 2660*2128(if this is vorpx, why 5:4?) but vorpx is saying 2600p(maybe I read this wrong but I am pretty sure it says 2600p. I will check later tonight).
    2660 is pretty close to 2600 so I want to say vorpx is directly editing the .ini itself.
    The fallout 3 launcher is only giving me the options 1920*1440 as well but I think this is unrelated.

    Is vorpx overriding game resolution in this case?

    So, adding higher custom resolutions will allow be to bump up the resolution in the .ini. Or, vorpx should give me options higher than 2600?

    Lastly, when adding custom resolutions, should I strive for 4:3 or 5:4? I see that your instructions mention 4:3 and widescreen but if in fact vorpx is editing my .ini for me, it is choosing 5:4. Thanks.


    Games run at the resolution you set (or vorpX in case of games where it can do that). In your case Fallout 3 runs with the 2660*2128 you see in the ini.

    The preset you select in the vorpX menu does not necessarily translate 1:1 to the actual game res. When vorpX computes the final res various settings are factored in. Hence the hint in the menu that says the actual res may differ.

    TLDR: All is well and working as it is supposed to.


    Thanks for the time.

    Alright last question.
    I am still confused about if selecting a game resolution and selecting a resolution in vorpx are mutually exclusive actions.
    “Games run at the resolution you set (or vorpX…”

    This sounds like to me that you can have one or the other. Either it uses the game resolution or it uses vorpx’s resolution. Is it one or the other? Or both work in tandem?

    And then where does custom resolution come in?

    Are these the necessary steps I need to do to more or less maximize my resolution?

    1. Set custom resolution higher than my current resolution
    2. Increase resolution in the .ini
    3. Increase resolution in vorpx menu



    Please simply select your preferred quality in the vorpX menu in Fallout 3. You don’t have to care about anything else.

    Whenever vorpX can set the resolution it shows an according message in the top left corner of the game window and you can select a preferred quality in the vorpX menu. That is the case for Fallout 3 and there is nothing else you have to do.

    If vorpX can’t handle resolutions, you set them manually in the game options like you would normally when playing a game on a your monitor.

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