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    Hello all! I’m about two weeks into my VR experience (Oculus Rift S) and it is absolutely amazing so far. I am LOVING all the immersion I’m seeing with this wonderful piece of hardware on my face. It’s great.

    Recently I discovered the software that allows us to unlock VR potential for potentially hundreds more games; it’s the one we’re all here for! :) I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get it very soon; if it can at least unlock stereo 3D (looking mostly straight ahead with full or mostly-full 3D depth) for some of the great games I play in desktop mode, then it may well pay for itself already in my estimation.

    Question. I saw a video of someone playing Mirror’s Edge in VR using VorpX. They would continually use the Delete key (I’m assuming the key below Insert and above the arrow keys towards the right of the keyboard, not the numeric one) to access the main in-game Menu. Is there a way to bind the Menu to something different? I would be able to take Ctrl+Alt+V if that’s possible.

    The thing is, since I am left-handed, that Delete key is my primary use/interact key for all of my 3D games that I play on my mouse/keyboard, and it would potentially be problematic if the Menu key were not re-bindable from Delete. (I’ve more or less memorized the locations of keys by feel, such that I don’t have to look at them while playing or typing, as I’m sure all gamers have to do.)

    Thank you for your assistance; if this is answered in the positive, I’m pretty sure buying VorpX is a lock for me this coming month.

    Take care, and enjoy your VR’ing!

    PS. AHHH just realized since the forum is powered by WordPress, it pulled my profile picture! That was weird to see at first. Well, hello there! I do do some blogging occasionally, and I need to once in a while; it’s been years! Heh.


    You can rebind all vorpX hotkeys in the config app on the ‘In-Game Key Bindings’ page.

    On a sidenote: VR controller bindings can be easily switched from right to left handed without having to rebind everything manually.


    YES! Thank you! And thank you to the (VERY TALENTED) developer for putting these features in. Looks like VorpX is imminently on the menu :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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