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    If you found it, you can already play around with it a bit if you want. It’s not official yet though, also swapping shaders is DX9 only for now. Early stages, a lot will change until the feature becomes official.


    Thanks to Ralf for trying to do something great.
    In fact, for a long time, many games have created improved profiles for Nvidia 3D vision users.
    Now it’s gone from the Nvidia forum
    Not long ago, there was a dedicated forum to discuss the above process.
    There were some very capable shader hackers.
    If you add these tools later
    In the forum here
    Talented people will appear in the field.
    I hope that day comes soon.

    Through this process, 3D quality has been improved in many games.
    If possible, why not use a profile that has already been created? want.
    They are already profiles with shader fixes, so I think it’s easy to use them with minor modifications.
    Of course, you should consult with the author who made them.
    Here is their address.
    I wish you refer to that.


    Of course, they also thought about using the huge profiles already created for VR.


    I have informed “them” already a couple of times in the past about the already existing tools – “they” didnt seem to be interested at all.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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