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    then i have this problem.
    I have to play Mass Effect 3 Legendary edition. the executable file is called masseffect3.exe. Just like the normal version executable. Now, in order to make it work with vorpx I had to rename the executable to masseffect31.exe, as it works with the default masseffect 1 LE profile. And here comes the problem. To be able to use the MOD for the first person I can’t modify the executable otherwise the game won’t even start anymore. I realize that it is a problem to change the default profiles, to avoid that non-expert users find themselves with problems that they would not know how to solve, but you cannot give the possibility to expert users to be able to do it? I have had similar problems with other games, a prime example is with metro exodus enchanted edition, which has the same executable file as the profile of the normal version and I had to modify the executable to be able to hook it with vorpx.


    You can ask Ralf to change this in vorpx, or the developer of the mod the change this in the mod.

    But first have a look in the folder where the mod is installed in loose files, for example in the game folder or the mods folder of the ME3 Mod Manager.
    Search for files which you can open with the notepad and are not in binary code.
    For example ini, cfg, txt or json files. If you are lucky, you can change the mod for your needs !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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