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    In light of a recent discussion I have a small request to make.

    I usually try to give detailed answers and explanations here, more open and detailed than you get in most other places from developers. However, I can only continue to do so if you are willing to accept answers for what they are even if you would rather have gotten a different one.

    The only alternative would be replying in a corporate feelgood style that you get most of the time online, essentially saying as little as possible to not potentially step on anyone’s toes.

    Not a good alternative in my view, so here’s the deal: I continue to answer directly and openly whenever possible, in turn you have to accept an answer for what it is even if occasionally it may not be the answer you wanted to hear. That’s the only way this can work, not everything can be discussed ad infinitum.

    I’m looking forward to continue to reply to all your questions, wishes and remarks in that spirit.


    i really dont get why some people get angry/whine when you answer to their posts, you know better than anyone else here how vorpx work, what it is capable of.

    you have always been very helpful and i hope you’ll continue to be that way.

    dont let the “trolls” get that nice behavior of yours ^^


    Ralf, youre the Boss. I really appreciate your efforts beeing extra friendly and answering to questions whenever you can. And if you dont answer, you just dont. You mentioned it, when asking a big company for support you probably wait forwever for an answer. I think this forum thing is a bit tricky too because we dont all speak the same language natively so misunderstandings can possibly easy occur. I have the same problem with some users from my websites. Its destressing, but on the other hand some other guys are always extra friendly and helpful too which weights all that out.


    thank you for your support, Ralf! :)

    p.s.if there will be the ‘g3d’ for frostibite 3 (prey, mass effect andromeda etc.) by the end of the year, I will apply you for the nobel to science! haha :)


    Sounds great, Ralf. VorpX shows your ability and knowledge. If it didn’t work right, it wouldn’t be as great as it is. 👌


    Answers and info are always better than empty responses or nothing at all, so I highly support this. I’m not sure who is giving you the ad infinitum treatment, but I would ask that if its ever one of us, just say something like “case closed guys” to remind us. In case we inadvertantly ask too many questions or something.


    I’m probably the person who caused this. My apologies, I never meant to cause problems, I think I just had some wrongheaded idea in my head that I thought I wasn’t explaining. For the record, I wasn’t purposefully trolling, I was just being an idiot. For what it’s worth, VorpX is fulfilling 3D world aspirations I’ve had ever since about 20 years ago on the Revelator glasses and is one of the best things to happen to the PC platform for me.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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