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    Until some days ago, I was very happy with my RTX 4090 purchase, to play Skyrim LE at 4K, on a Pimax 8KX, as I already showed on a YouTube video posted on another topic.

    And suddenly, with almost no warning, the performance inside Skyrim LE in VR, with Vorpx, became horrible, wait worst I got before with my RTX 3090. There was a delay and a warp on the image, when I looked around, inside the game. I was as if some function supposed to be made by the graphics card, it was now made by the processor.

    Short story, I found that a very recent Windows update change the way the hardware accelerated GPU scheduling works. Now, there is also an option for windowed games, but the most important was that a had this option set to off, because sometimes there was a tremendous ghosting on the vertical white lines and letters in the game’s menus (you must use the mod SkyUI to see this problem), but now accelerated GPU scheduling must be on, or you will see a tremendous drag and ripple effect of the image when you look around, inside the game. As for the ghosting on the game’s menu, using SkyUI, the problem seems not entirely resolved, but I didn’t play long enough to confirm this.

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