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    I bought a copy of Vorpx to use with the DK1 around 8 years ago.
    While checking on Vorpx to use with a RiftS i picked up recently after a 5 year hiatus from all things VR, imagine my surprise to be able to download and activate the latest version of VorpX based off my old email address at no cost.

    My old jadded self is almost teary eyed.


    Since we are talking about thanking. Seeing people not liking vorpx and all vr mods everywhere always adding “dont buy vorpx just for this mod” plus feeling that playing kb/mouse is not worth since it doesnt feel same as full vr I was hesitant for years.

    Bought it recently, played several beginner friendly games and had a lot of fun. Do not regret the purchase at all.



    I have played through Bioshock (the original) and Bioshock Infinite in VR and it was one of the best VR experiences I had. It’s actually up there with Half Life Alyx for me. Being inside these worlds was something really special and I actually enjoy that it’s a seated experience. I’m playing through the Bioshock Infinite DLCs right now and Rapture looks amazing with the newer Engine and in VR. I honestly don’t know why some people give VorpX a bad name since especially with direct vr it’s pretty easy to set up. I will probably buy the new Geforce 3080 just for VorpX since I really want to enjoy all of these great games with maximum visuals and great performance since VorpX really brings my 2070 Super to its knees on higher resolutions in games like Crysis.


    “I actually enjoy that it’s a seated experience”

    You can actually play them standing to. I do that with a wireless Xbox controller. Feels really immersive. You can use Vive wands in lieu of an xbox controller to free up your hands further though remember you won’t have motion controller support.


    I dont understand, when people say dont buy Vorpx, its the best way to “make” non VR Games to VR.
    There isnt any other Software, who is able to do all that things
    what Vorpx can do, with an great Performance !

    Before i bought Vorpx, it tried to get Games working in “semi VR” with Virtual Desktop and Reshade with an Stereoscopic 3D Plugin, but this wasn´t the experience you want.

    Vorpx is the best experience you can get.
    I would recommend Vorpx anytime.


    i’m repeating myself but Ralf should be awarded & recognized by the whole game industry for this amazing software.


    VorpX has single handedly revitalized gaming for me, no question.


    Same here, we take Vorpx for granted but it’s amazing how it opens AAA VR gaming that wouldn’t be possible otherwise, huge thanks for your work Ralf. Hopefully Quest 2 working with Vorpx has opened some extra income for you since it seems to be wildly successful, we all want Vorpx to succeed.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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