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    Tested and working with Operation Arrowhead as well. These are a little trickier to get looking good. Turn off post processing to get rid of the blur. There’s a utility you can use to get a wider FOV here and you can double tap “-” to get a wider FOV in game.

    If you also have Track IR (have to enable it in game) you can use that in addition to the DK2 to add independent look vs. aim/move or for head tracking in vehicles… lots to experiment with in this one and what looks good on foot might not look good in a vehicle etc… A useful future feature for Vorpx would be the ability to have a few saved custom profiles we could switch between with hot keys so when either on foot or aiming down sight or in a vehicle we could easily toggle between the settings that work best for each. Hotkeys for in game adjusting of depth, aspect ratio correction and focal point offset would also be great so we can adjust the scene without going into menu mode where it’s zoomed out a little.

    Anyway, LOTS of vehicles to play with here too. The helis are great with headtracking especially the little bird with the high visibility cockpit.

    Anyone happen to have Day Z as well as I suspect it should work in Geometry 3d for that too?


    oh boy. as a addict dayz epoch player this sounds more than interesting. I suppose it’s going to work with dayz epoch also, but can anyone confirm so I can give vorpx a try? many thanks


    sry for double posting but couldn t find the edit button :D one question: why TrackIR, isn t the mouse tracking replaced in arma2/arma2 oa by the dk2 head tracking? can you please detail the actual arma2 ingame use of the dk2, my kit is arriving today and I think I might give vorpx a try, but only if I can use it with dayz epoch mode for head tracking


    Yes, you still get regular head tracking for mouse look with just the DK2 + vorpx but wherever you look your gun points whereas if you add track ir as well you can look independently of your mouse aim so you can run forward while looking left or right or over your shoulder behind you etc..


    tnx for the reply, still, I m not sure I got it. In arma2, dk2 enabled, isn t the alt key doing this job? heck, I ll have to try it myself, I guess. Can you at least tell me please if dk2 is working with the dayz epoch mod? many thanks.
    PS: my opinion is that for a proper arma2 experience is that any dk2 movement should act as alt-key is pressed, plus, head tracking should be disabled when aim down sight (with raised weapon)


    The dayz epoch mod works when I enable it in Arma 2 OA then restart but it didn’t work when I tried launching it directly from the dayz commander mod manager for some reason, anyway it look like mods will work too if launched directly from the game. Otherwise for dk2 movement it basically becomes your mouse in game (you can use your regular mouse as well) and you can still toggle freelook with a key as usual but by adding track ir (or free track might work too) it makes it automated + being able to zoom in and out, lean around corners etc… so you can add positional tracking if you’ve got the extra gear even though it’s not officially supported through vorpx yet like it is for Skyrim.


    well, tnx for your reply.

    I just bought the vorpx and it doesn t work as it should. I tried all possible monitor setups, all settings, same result: arma2oa starts, I m getting image in the DK2 but the rotate head tracking doesn t work at all, can t see the menu and the tilt axis is inverted.

    maybe I m doing something wrong but for $49.59 well…

    win7 64bit, i5-2500k, 16GB ram, sapphire 7950 boost.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    If the tilt axis is inverted for head tracking you are probably playing with inverted mouse. You can counteract this my inverting the headtracking Y-axis on the input page of the the vorpX ingame menu (press [DEL] to access it).

    To see the menu in ARMA 2 (and other games), you can use vorpX’s EdgePeek feature (click or press and hold the middle mouse button).

    BTW: In case you haven’t done so already, please make sure to check the vorpX quick reference and the “How to get the most out of vorpX” guide in the documentation. They explain EdgePeek and quite a few more useful things.


    tnx for the quick reply.

    mouse middle-click was the saver and I could access the menu and join a dayz epoch game. I moved a little in my base, didn t even try to get outside, epoch world is a dangerous place:P
    well, the road is long ahead. yes, it works. as for the first impressions…
    quite a delay in head movements but not stutter. I ve tried different quality settings on 1980×1080, aswell as vorpx HT sensibility without big improvements.
    the stereoscopic effect is more visible as a cutboard effect, not a real 3D. here, arma2 graphics are the cause I think. But what was immediately noticeable, was a disturbing white edge to the objects, where stereo separation was stronger.
    Head movements/tracking should definitely work as a free look override toggle and get separated from the mouse tracking
    as said, these are only couple of first impressions of a fresk dk2 owner, have to try many other games to get a more serious impression.
    many thanks.


    I find I have to really turn down quality setting on my SLI’s GTX 550 Ti’s, even in Quake II! looking forward to the GTX 980 coming out…

    Monitoring your frame rate is important when you’re first setting up a game. You need to really try for 75+ fps – You’ll have a much better experience with low quality and high frame rate in the rift.

    You can also try switching to Z-buffer 3d instead of geometry mode – it will really boost your framerate. If it already looks “cardboard cutout like” to you, then you probably won’t even notice a difference.

    The white lines might be chromatic aberration – there’s an setting in the vorpx (del) menu to correct that, or I’ve heard that the lastest dev kit SDK should do it to?

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