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    I have in my cart now one $39.95 VorpX with the option to use PayPal and I’m so close to pushing it but some of the reviews and comments here give me pause.

    I have an HTC Vive setup with a machine exclusively made for VR using an Nvidia card (1060? 1080?) and I forget all the details at the moment. I may boot it up later and get the system specs and add them. For now, let’s just say that it runs everything I’ve thrown at it so far.

    I bought Skyrim SE about two months ago, have 216 active mods, use Nexus Mod Manager, and run all this on a laptop. I don’t have any graphics enhancements as the laptop gets sluggish with them. Most of them are new NPCs (most I will be removing), new buildings, weapons, spells, and other odds and ends.

    I don’t have ENC. I do have SKSE64, FNIS, SkyUI, and I think that’s all that alters the core esm files if they even do that.

    I’ve read that some people complain that Skyrim SE has a fogging issue, menus chopping off, and other nagging problems that make me hesitate to purchase.

    How does it fare now? Are these simply settings? I don’t mind getting my hands dirty by having to tweak things. Computers have been my hobby and profession for forty years. (Darn I’m getting old.) I would really like to see this game in VR and don’t want to buy a console or wait until December for the supposed Skyrim VR to come out for PCs.



    Skyrim is still one of the more popular titles with vorpX, whether your individual mod setup will work 1:1 with vorpX is hard to tell though. Most mods will work fine, but some, e.g. ENB graphics mods, can interfere since they hook into the rendering pipeline like vorpX, which can cause conflicts. Others may not play well together with specific parts of vorpX, e.g camera mods can interfere with vorpX’s camera handling via Direct VR.

    Long story short: you might have to do without one or the other mod, but most will work without issues.

    One more general thing to consider is that the original Skyrim is usually the better choice for vorpX. It usually runs better and, just as important, can utilize actual, real antialising. So if you have access to both, there’s not much reason to use the SE in most cases.


    Thanks Ralf. I don’t have access to both. I could buy the original I suppose.

    I’ll give it some thought. Thanks again for your reply. It helps a lot.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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