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    there are some good profiles on vorpx cloud for making the headset view work with the ingame view panning

    but the one i tried (listed as the only one made with most recent vorpx version) although it had G3D in the name didnt have any 3d effect for graphics! even though it was running in G3d mode and has like 1/4 the frame rate of when i play 2d mode normally

    so i used an official profile for another unreal engine 4 game (like AC7 is) and it had good 3d and better performance than the cloud AC7 profile
    …but then it didnt have any of the control/view customizations

    i wanted to see if i could copy and paste sections from both so i tried to open the vorpx profiles in text mode but it was unreadable

    then i tried to use the cloud AC7 profile as a G3D base and tweak the settings with CTRL-End…and the settings were all the same as in the official UE4 profile, and changing them only made glitches.

    is there a way to combine two different profiles? or a way to switch the AC7 profile graphics settings to whatever is in the UE4 game’s profile?


    hm ok in the new vorpx beta the behavior changes here –

    now the alternative UE4 engine profile I was using doesn’t get any 3d effect!

    the threads online about vorpx and this game are kind of nuts, like in the same thread you’ll have one post saying it will make plane view 3d but not in-cockpit 3d, while another person says they still don’t get 3d at all and it’s just for headtracking, etc.

    so forget the profile combining stuff, now i just want to find a profile for real 3d.

    UE4 is a popular engine and some other UE4 games have G3D support, so i know we’ll find one that works eventually.

    don’t waste your time on the cloud profiles unless you only want a controller/headtracking setting, they don’t help with 3d.

    so far i have found this info on other UE4 profiles:

    1)VAMPYR -gives 3d effect but only when there’s an additional effect like explosions or icing

    2)Conarium -default G3D gave modest 3d effect in nonbeta of Vorpx, now it doesn’t do anything except make game run slower, just like the cloud profiles listed as G3d.

    also in both G3D Conarium and Z-Adaptive using the latest cloud profile (which strangely lists itself as G3d) you get a definite 3d effect when you’ve selected your plane, started the sortie, and it pulls forwards from the hangar to launch….but then seconds later, in flight, 3d shuts off

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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