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    Hello everyone,

    Stereo rendering doesn’t work, but as it’s a new game, I was not expecting a miracle.
    I am also very surprise not to see any other thread about this game.

    I am a new Vorpex user and I am confused by the binding usage.

    What ever setting I use,HMD rotation is rotating the aircraft, I don’t know how to have the HMD rotation binded to AC7 default: the Right analog stick.
    So the view in game can be linked to the HMD.

    So far I have a flat game, on a giant screen and I can’t move my head!

    Looking forward to your insights!

    Anyone here got 3D stereo working?


    I don’t have AC7, but it looks like there are a few user profiles on the vorpX cloud you can try. One of them has a description link to reddit that might be what you’re looking for.

    They mention something about disabling AC7’s default mouse settings for controller emulation headtracking.

    Sign into the cloud through the vorpX Config app (right click in system tray) under Cloud Profiles. Search Ace Combat in the top field, select a profile and click Import profile.


    Ha the cloud, as it was empty I didn’t bother to type in.
    Ok got it!
    I was able to get some profiles (that somewhat works)

    Thank you!


    Hi people,

    I was looking for unreal engine 4 games and found a progile for VAMPYR.. i based a ACE 7 profile on it and found out, geometry is working in 3rd person an limited in 1st.

    As soon as you fire a missile and it impacts, the games switches to full 3d in cockpit… (stereo strenghth 0.06), but after 2 seconds it switches to flat cockpit view again….
    Also if you fly into icing conditions and the cockpit freezes it switches to full 3d!! as soon as the ice is gone its flat again..

    I uploaded the profile as ACE7_1

    @Ralph, any ideas what might be going on here?




    Any update for Ace Combat 7. Still no G3D in Cockpit view. These games would be amazing in VR.


    Search youtube title “VorpX Oculus Rift / Vive VR Tutorial | Ace Combat 7” see the latest comment, by Ben Mendoza, I posted a guide for noob.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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