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    I have a good game I’d like to see in true stereo 3D… it is not listed in the supported games (probably just because nobody tried)…. but right now it seems to only open in the flat 2D modes in VR, which is no good. It seems to be just a normal DX 3D game so I don’t know why the stereo 3D option is not available.

    Is there something I can do in config or something to add the stereo 3D VR option to game or is it automatically determined by vorpX and not shown if unsupported? Or does it just not add stereo option for unknown games?

    Reason i know stereo not working is because I know what it looks like when it is working eg for Battlefield 4.


    OK I read this:

    And have a custom profile made for the game… which I found was a Unreal 4 engine game

    And in game now I have the Geometry 3D option.

    But when I look in VR headset… there is no true 3D there… both eyes are just rendering the same image… so not true 3D for some reason.

    Is there some other setting to made it true 3D ie different perspective in each eye?


    Which game is it? And which unreal 4 profile did you try to copy?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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