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    Just getting into vorpX now and very impressed so far. I’ve only handful of games to see how well they work and learn the various vorpX settings. Mostly I’m in “Lounge” mode.

    One thing I’ve noticed across the board so far is that the entire scene is always “too close to my eyes”. I’m not talking about the distance of the virtual screen, I’m talking about the central focal-point being really close-up rather than at a comfortable distance. Think sticking a TV so close to your face that focusing on it hurts because your eyes are being forced into a really uncomfortable position.

    For those familiar with TriDef, there was a control where you could push the central-focus away from you, or towards you (percent in front, which went from 0% to 100% and either pushed the focal-point away from you (below 50) or pulled it toward you (above 50). It didn’t change the size of the scene, or anything like that, but it did allow you to change where in your focal-range then entire scene’s depth resided). I don’t know a better way to describe that.

    Is there a way for me to do that in vorpX? I’ve been unable to find one, and it’s like I’m continually straining to maintain focus (this does not happen with native VR games).



    In immersive/screen and cinema mode there is a setting called „Focal Offset“ which, if I understand you correctly, is what you want. You might have to enable expert settings in the config app to see it though. In FullVR Mode vorpX, like all VR-apps, uses a fixed convergence value far away.

    There is one more thing to consider in VR besides the focal point though, which is the field of view (FOV). In FullVR mode the FOV of the game has to exactly match the FOV of your headset for things to look right. This is something you probably never cared about with a traditional 3D-driver, for VR however it‘s easily the single most important thing above everything else.

    vorpX can do that automatically for almost 200 games, for other games however you will either have to do it manually or use a workaround if that is not possible. Check the „Essential Hints Guide“ and the „1-2-3 Game Setup“ in the help for more detailed information on the matter.


    Yep, found it once I turned on the advanced features, thanks! It didn’t work well in FO4 BTW, immediately screwed up the shadows (that’s not surprising; I worked for ages and ages on a good G3D profile for FO4 using TriDef and finally figured out that the FO4 engine appears to render some things at the same depth as the “sky” and it was causing immense problems with shadow and light-source rendering, but I did eventually get it to work).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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