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    There’s another tooic similar to this but I’m not sure if its the same issue I’m having.

    Finally got good G3D support for Far Cry 4 but for some reason when i pulk the left trigger to aim, I’ve noticed that the bullet trajectory isn’t lining up with where the reticle targeting is. Its as much off center on the left eye as it is in the right eye. This leads to me having to kind of do a weird crosse eyed thing to sort of find the place in the center of where the right image of the gun is and the left image in order to accurately gauge where the “real” reticle is as opposed to the one the game is visualizing.

    Hope this makes sense. Anyone else have this issue or know how to remedy it? Am i doing something wrong with the settings? Any help would be appreciated!


    That’s the trouble with shooters in G3D, since the gun sights aim centered between the eyes rather than to your dominant eye only (as you would naturally aim). This bothers me enough that I often play in Z3D instead, to relieve eye strain.

    But your asking about the HUD reticle specifically, which can suffer from a similar problem. Sometimes you can adjust the HUD depth setting enough to bring the “cross-eyed” reticles closer together, but I’ve never seen it perfect.

    I know tridef has a built in reticle dot overlay that you can toggle on for situations like this. A handy feature I’ve wondered if vorpX would include one day. With similar customization for size/color/opacity.


    There is a 3D-disable hotkey to circumvent such issues. You can either press and hold it or tap it briefly for toggling 3D on/off. The default is ALT+X. To have it activated automatically whenever you aim down sights, you could change that to the game’s ADS key in the vorpX config app.


    Okay thanks a lot I’ll mess around with it some more and see if remaping the 3d toggle to left trigger helps.

    Im curious though what a game like far cry does thats different from say, a game like the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series where it also has a 3d gun model and aiming down sights but for some reason still manages to avoid this issue.

    I suppose this was kind of explained already in the previous post but its sort of hard to wrap your head around it


    This is one of the great reasons among others, for which some users have requested from a couple of years ago the functionality in the Vorpx menu for On / OFF reticles, change of form for these, color and position.

    This way, you do not have to be always turning off and turning on 3D, or playing z buffer in order to avoid this …

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