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    Hey everybody

    I’ve been modding games and tweaking ini files for a while now not related to vorpx but I thought I’d use my obsession on a new platform, haha.

    My main question is: does directVR still work with mods? I mean if we can push the fov beyond the default can directVR understand that my fov is higher now and I can zoom the image? Should I turn off directVR when doing things like this? (I’m scared I’ll miss out on other goodies if I just turn it off for the game.) I don’t know if there are actual algorithms in place or just safety values. Also I can’t change anything in the directVR menu, there are no resolution options or fov options. Maybe just for this game.

    What I’m really trying to do for now is make The Outer Worlds FullVR properly fullscreen. It looks like someone made a widescreen mod @ gamingpcwiki (If we can post links, I’ll link it). I think keeping the game in 16:9 makes it hard anyway, but a fov boost could work.

    Honestly It really sucks that we can’t see what directVR is exactly doing and edit as we please but I’m sure the creator of Vorpx doesn’t want people messing up their games badly… Is there a profile opener or something, maybe make it read only?


    The DirectVR memory scanner is a beast with two dozen arcane per game parameters that sometimes I don’t even remember all in detail myself. To configure it in an efficient manner you’d need a level of knowledge not too far away from the level you’d need to create the FOV patch you mentioned above yourself. There may or may not be some kind of user friendly UI for it at some point.Would definetely be a nice thing to have, but I have no concrete plans in that regard currently.

    One line answer to your question: most mods won’t interfere, but some may.

    A little more detailed: DirectVR may change the FOV in various ways, e.g. with its memory scanner or by adjusting .ini files. If for example you install a mod that overrides a game’s normal camera, that would make DirectVR fail, regardless of the mehod it uses in this particular game. Also mods that heavily change a game’s memory layout can cause problems for the DirectVR memory scanner in some games. Long story short: you have to check whether a specific mod causes a problem or not, there is no general answer.

    Rule of thumb: best avoid mods that affect the camera or add graphics effects with vorpX. Most other types of mods (texture-/mesh replacements, gameplay tweaks, additional quests and so on) are probably safe to use.

    Outer Worlds should already work perfectly fine in FullVR mode except for some slight distortion caused by the game’s vertically asymmetric view frustum, i.e. the center of the view is not exactly at half the screen height. Fairly unusual for a monitor game (actually it’s the only game I’m aware of doing that). Accounting for this glitch requires a little code change, which the next vorpX version will do.

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