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    Advent Rising (G3D) First Person/ Third Person in Full VR or Immersive/Cinema Mode

    Requires DX8 to DX9 DLL for G3D to work

    D3D8to9 Download

    Copy the d3d8.dll file to the game’s system directory. My profile has been uploaded to the cloud.

    e.g. D:\My Games\GOGApps\Advent Rising\System

    I have the GOG version and this is an interesting game from the mid 2000’s. Can be played in a first person in full VR mode or if preferred, play in Immersive/Cinema mode in which the 3D strength can be cranked up in third person. My cloud profile is tweaked for first person mode and has a wide FOV (140) through an ini tweak. See the notes below for the ini tweaks along with the mod to make the most out of this.


    Go here for the following

    – Download and install the Advent Revising mod
    – Skip intro videos (optional)
    – Set resolution, ini tweak
    – Adjust FOV, ini tweak

    Last, which is not listed in the above, open mydefault.ini and change Coronas=True to Coronas=False which will remove this displaced texture when in G3D. The game does have a some issues with some 2D backgrounds and other HUD elements. I use the VorpX hot key to disable G3D in these cases. Other than that it works pretty good, especially with indoor environments.

    Anyway, you can use my profile as a baseline and adjust to your preferences.

    Happy new year and gaming!



    – Adjust FOV, ini tweak

    In regards to my Advent Rising post, another option which works a little better is do the following ini tweak for FOV.

    In the MyDefUser.ini file do this as an example, just change the FOV numbers to your preferences

    t=ToggleCameraView | OnRelease FOV 140
    f=StartMeleeAttack | OnRelease FOV 125

    What this does is changes your FOV to when you switch from first person to third person. Utilize on any key for flexability

    | onRelease FOV xxx where xxx is your FOV

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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