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    I know a mod that helps:

    Lower 1st Person Weapons

    This mod lowers the weapons out of the way (more natural down by your side instead of up in your face)

    This does not fix the size, but helps reduce the amount they block your view.



    This mod is a good complementary option,but I am thinking about this subject and,
    I am absolutely sure that on one occasion,I solved the problem of giant arms/hands in Skyrim.
    I’m looking for an answer from Ralf,in an old thread on the subject,but I can not find it.

    This response indicated writing 2 lines inside a .ini file
    One of them controlled World FOV,other line controls FOV of the arms
    AFTER writing the values,there was a completely necessary step,which is about opening the ¿map? INGAME,and closing it again(I can not remember if the key was tab)
    After this the game automatically rescaled the size.
    After the change, it was necessary to save game
    I remember that this step was completely necessary and nobody knew exactly why this happened this way. (It was probably a bug)

    -I’m not sure if any of the options, from the well-known MOD Enhanced Camera,can overwrite this and avoid change with success.
    It is necessary to have an eye here,during the test.

    Personally,I think that the best solution to the subject of the giant arms/hands was this,along with just a little increase in the option(3d scale),lastly the inclusion of this mod could culminate or not almost perfection.


    Ok, looking for information on my old hard drives,I found this information about “patching” big hands on Skyrim,which I mentioned earlier,with Ralf’s response included.

    Ralf comments:
    In regard to the big hands:
    1. Open [Documents]\My Games\Skyrim\Skyrim.ini with a text editor
    2. Set the fDefault1stPersonFov value to 120. If it doesn’t exist, add it under [Display]
    3. Save and run Skyrim. You may need to swap between third and first person or even open the quad (star) menu and from there the map to apply the new value for some reason. After doing this once it will stick.

    Additionally Grumdark comments:
    I am sure that applying step 2 and 3 was completely necessary in my case to fix the problem.
    In addition to these steps, I increase a little value by default,for the (3dscale) option in vorpx menu,to get a slightly better result yet.
    Final results were much better,after applying these changes.

    Take a look though, to make sure that any possible value in the enhanced camera mod file could interfere with, overwrite or prevent result.


    I use one of the first-person body mods: I forget which one. That fixes the hands.

    However, it conflicts with DirectVR, so it’s not an ideal solution.


    I think I figured out how to edit the arm bones. You should use the show race menu mod and the XPSME skeleton or whatever its called. I also have FNIS not sure if its needed for this.

    After these are installed you can ‘edit’ the arm bone lengths and how big around arm parts are. The sliders were missing untill I added the new skeleton to my game.

    Note: I didn’t try messing with them, I’m fine with how it is. BUT if its bugging you a lot then save first and try messing with those in show race menu. Mite get what your wanting this way?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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