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    Hi, I’d like to get into VorpX but would like some pointers if possible and before I buy a HP Reverb headset.

    I’m looking to use VorpX with Fallout 4 and I see there are profiles for this on youtube my question is I use a modded Fallout 4 so even though Steam has to be opened it is launched through Vortex, would VorpX work in this scenario?

    There are one or two other games I’d like to use but Fallout 4 is the main one. I hope I can also use my elite series 2 xbox gamepad? I’m disabled so really prefer the gamepad to VR controllers. I’m looking at the HP Reverb (rev 2) headset. Is that a good choice? Would buying a second-hand one be wise or is it best to go brand new?

    Lastly is there an idiots guide to set this all up? I have seen a few youtube videos but they are a few years old so don’t know if they are still relevant. Sorry for the questions.


    There are two beginner’s guides in the vorpX help that explain the most important stuff, but Fallout 4 is one of the games where you actually don’t really need one. Except from dialing in graphics details and resolution to match your PC’s performance (rendering in stereo 3D is more demanding than rendering mono), all you have to do pressing a button after entering the game and vorpX takes care of the rest. Precise instructions are shown in the game window.

    Gamepads work like they normally do after pressing said button.


    Thanks for the information. Is Fallout 4 what they call a ‘full’ VR experience? For example you can look behind in game?




    Hi i’m a owner of HP G2, and i think it is a good headset to beging with VR IF your main concern is quality display for medium price over everything else.
    His display is 2160×2160 for each eye, so if you want to take full advantage of his resolution in game, you need a biffy computer.
    His field of view is in the average-low compared to other headsets today, and his sweet spot his pretty narrow.
    His refresh rate in only 90hz but with 2160×2160*2 it was not shocking (2 years ago).

    The G2 use Fresnel lens and there is no eye tracking, meaning that when you wear the headset, you look at the world by moving your head, not your eyes. If you move your eyes inside the headset, everything outside of the sweetspot will be blury.

    About 2 years ago when the G2 was new to the market, i would have recommanded it for any people looking for a great display.
    But today i would not recommande the G2 brand new; there is new headsets on the way that are better at everything, but if you can get a second hand in good condition at cheap price, it is not a bad choice to begin with.

    If you have a high end computer (4090 owner), i would recommand waiting few weeks for the Pimax Crystal instead.
    Since i upgraded my GPU, the “narrow” field of view and 90hz refresh rate of the G2 is the main reason why i will change for a better headset.
    Long story short, i would not recommand the G2 at all if your hardware and GPU are above 3090TI.


    Thanks for the information. @Sephael, I have a 3060Ti with a 12 gen i9 CPU 64 GB of Ram what would you say is a decent headset for that spec?


    I think you should also check headsets with a smaller resolution and see if it’s not a better choice than the Reverb G2.
    Real 3D in VR needs about double performances, as it will render twice (once for each eye). Meaning, if you get to run a game at 4k with steady 60 FPS, you will get round 30 fps in VR and it could be uncomfortable to watch as low fps could resulte as motion sickess for you.

    I would like to point 2 important things :
    First, resolution on your screen and it’s display in VR can look different; a 1080p on a 1080p screen can look clean, but inside the headset, it will look more blury and aliasez.
    1440p looks OK in the G2, and 4k is nice.
    Even with my 3090, i couldn’t run most games at 4K with high FPS and high graphics settings.

    Second, concerning Fallout 4, this game does not have DLSS; wich is bad for VR as it help having a higher frame rate without loosing too much quality. I couldn’t run Fallout 4 at decent display and graphics with my 3090, so in the end, i bought Fallout 4 VR.
    So if you want to run Fallout 4 in VR, be ready to reduce the graphic quality enough to get smooth FPS.
    The good news is, Fallout 4 will have a free update from Bethesda this year, so let’s hope that they will include DLSS.

    Is there any other games you would like to play with VorpX ?
    Outside of Fallout 4, the original Mass Effect trilogie is one of my favorite experience; i wouldn’t be able to play this games flat anymore.

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