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    Afterfall: Insanity (G3D)

    This game has been in my “damn shader” box for ages. Now here’s the fix. Because of very difficult HUD and light settings Cinema looks better then Full VR, so i recommend playing in Cinema Mode (Default).

    -For custom resolutions above 1080p:
    –Find RascalGame.ini
    — below [RascalGame.RascalProfileSettings] add:
    ForceResX=XXXX (Your custom Res.)
    ForceResY=YYYY (Your custom Res.)

    – Optimized for Cinema Modes (recommended)
    – Full VR w. Headtracking available
    – Shadows = OFf (user)
    – See VorpX forum or PCGW for custom res. hints
    – Profile available at the cloud

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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