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    Hi guys,

    First time post, a new starter with vorpX, and loving the experience so far. I’m trying out Metro Exodus with my CV1, and one of the things I’m finding most difficult is aiming. You need to use iron sights to be accurate, but obviously the magic done by vorpX means that you’re aiming somewhere different if you close your left eye versus your right, and it’s not clear what the game is actually firing at.

    The suggestion I’ve seen is using Alt-X whilst in iron sight mode to help out with aiming. I assume that Alt-X is not a toggle, but only active as long as you press it?

    It doesn’t visibly seem to do anything, but I bound that to the right mouse button anyway so that both iron-sight aiming turns on AND Stereo 3D turns OFF at the same time.

    Are there any other suggestions? Is there a way to bind the ‘real’ sight to one eye so that you can close one as if you’re actually shooting?



    That was an older solution. Now vorpX has a preferred main eye setting which centers the camera for one eye, so you can see straight down the sights. You may need to enable expert settings from vorpX configuration app first, then find this setting on the main page of the delete menu in game.

    It was a big improvement for shooters when this was added. Thanks again Ralf.

    PS. You can also raise the camera height a notch or two to get a better view through or slightly above the sights to get a better view and enhance the 3D look of the gun.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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