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    I tested it out of the box to DK2 and using DK2 as principal.
    The game starts but i only see a black screen with a pointer in DK2.


    The game is not supported yet, it’s out for merely 12hrs.

    However, it should work in 2D simply by starting it from Steam. Rift as secondary, “Show only on Rift DK2” in the vorpX config app works just fine here. As always setting the game to 1920×1080 beforehand is important.

    Someone on Reddit mentioned he had to start the game windowed and then move the game window to the Rift and switch to fullscreen afterwards. None of that is necessary here though, but maybe that helps in your case.

    Irrespective of possible starting issues I would strongly suggest to be a lttle bit patient. You probably won’t regret it, a profile is being worked on right now.

    Coming (Very) Soon


    Can’t wait for this. Glad i bought the driver. Skyrim was worth it. If you can deliver a similar experience with this game everybody will buy your driver. :)


    Fantastic. I’m kind of sick of c*ck teasing developers showing off new titles supporting VR….yet have no plans to release to public.

    You show em, Ralf! :)


    Brilliant cant wait, keep up the good work Ralf


    No problem, there is no need to use vorpx to play Alien Isolation with DK2.

    1) Modify ENGINE_SETTINGS.XML (DATA folder) change stereo options ( “Off” to “Rift”) in this way:
    <Setting name=”Stereo Mode”>
    <Quality name=”Rift” precedence=”4″/>

    2) Set Oculus in extended.
    3) Pause Oculus Service.
    4) Put monitor as main screen(not Rift).
    5) Main monitor must be set to 75hz (I had to set mine from 2560 to 1024 to get 75 Hz)
    6) Start the game.
    7) Post in forum saying that Sega is GOD and must update the game to use RIFT without this settings, I hope that they don´t disable it in an update…..



    I was kind of hoping Ralf would come to the rescue. It would score some great points in the community with Vorpx.

    Let’s hope AI’s dev’s don’t patch this VR support out of the game.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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