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    Anyone ever find a decent fix to the lights issue in alien isolation? (Besides dropping down to Z3D)
    Geometry is the only way to go for these close quarters games.


    I remember that issue, but don’t know the solution. I would like to know from u about general performances instead. Previous Vorpx version had a problem with headtracking with this game, which was suddenly deactivating. How is it running now? Cheers


    I actually play all of my vorpx games in cinema mode, and I love it. Its the only way to play. And no, if set up right, its not like watching a big screen. More like being right in VR, but using the mouse for movements.


    after set my dk2 with the setting of VR2bym
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    Alien Isolation

    install modded file and the Temporal Anti-aliasing (search on google you will find it )

    The Temporal Anti-aliasing fix this problem for me


    I don’t think its an anti-aliasing issue. The lights look different through each eye in geometry mode.


    Hi guys, the anti alias mod seems nice but make the game crash with fatal error when runned along vorpx… could you share how you made it work please?
    Tried the VR2bym settings, 5.00 in 3d separation make me feel like a giant ( and still the lights rendering pb )

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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