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    Aliens vs. Predator 2 (DGVoodoo2 v 2.6) – Z3D

    Old game from 2001 looking very well in Z3D !

    DGVoodoo2 v 2.6 required !
    – Required: Hexedit AVP2.exe and AVP2.dll
    – Change every: lithtech.exe to lithteep.exe
    – Rename lithtech.exe to lithteep.exe
    – Choose high resolutions (game offers them all)
    – Use Z-Normal 3D mode only !
    – Profile available at the cloud


    Thank you so much for this profile.
    Have some questions though: What exactly do I “hexedit” at AVP2.exe and AVP2.dll?
    I searched both files via HxD (Hexeditor program) for “lithtech” but got no results.
    Also there is no “AVP2.dll” only a “AVP2Up.dll” file.


    Please do the following: Run the game like it comes from the box. Press STRG+ALT+DEL and look in your taskmanager if you an find a lithtech.exe running. If thats not the case you may own a different version of the game and you may be out of luck. For any other exe name there wont be no need for a hexedit. Try to find out the name of the exe which belongs to the game and add that to the vorpx profile. e.g. AVP2.exe .


    Hallo Kole,
    I m using the All in One Installer Version from this site here:
    In taskmanager it says: “Client MFC Application”…but the icon is the same as lithtech icon inside avp2 dir.
    Anyway thanks for your help so far…will test some things out.

    -={ AVP2 WILL NEVER DIE }=-


    Unfortunatly you will be on your own here. The installer from your link contains cracked software as mentioned on the download page. This may be the reason for the “AVP2Up.dll” and the missing lithtech entries.I would recommend buing the original retail game.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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