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    Hi, I have problem with with all older games..
    The most telling picture, please help me.
    VGA: RX6600, new driver, Win10 21H2.

    It is all of DX9 games, where is problem, Ralf you now?? Thank you


    That looks …interesting. Never have seen something like that before though, so nothing overly specific I could say here. if it affects any DX9 game you try, my guess would be that there is something interfering, probably some tool or utility that also hooks into D3D like vorpX and causes serious havoc.


    Ok,I now, Im special custommer :)
    But its really interesting… I think, that you never saw it.

    OK i try kill any applications.

    DX11 games work great. New now “Metro Exodus”, “Bioshock Infinite”.


    OK nevermind, for old games I have TriDef.
    DX11 is more important

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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