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    Hi Ralf, is it possible to add a walking ability and bypass teleport?
    There are a lot of Vive games with teleport only and some movement with track pad. I’m hoping there could be a way to bypass teleport and either use track pad or WASD (for the Virtuix Omni treadmill)


    I don’t think this is a task for VorpX. None of Vive games have VorpX profiles because whats the point? They working in VR anyway.

    You could have hope community will do some mods for this games (I saw post on one of the forums with an idea how to make it work with OpenVR) but since Jan(Virtuix CEO) decide to f**k over all international buyers (I was one of them) I wish You good luck to find anybody who will be bother to do that for so small community like private Virtuix owners (roughly 2-3k people in US).

    Thank You Jan!! I bet Your US bakers will be as grateful as the rest of us.


    @szeliga90 having the support added gives the ability to add WASD where there is no walking period. It’s up to game developers if they will add WASD support normally. -this may be the first valid reason to have additional Vive support for Vive games.

    Also if it was implemented it may allow anyone, even you to create your own treadmill.. but hey I understand you the consumer don’t actually want a gaming treadmill by the sound of it ;)

    I think Virtuix needs competition because if they don’t they may not listen to what customers want if there is only one treadmill available. I’m also submitting ideas/prototype to Jan to help complete it, mean’t for both arcades and consumers.. the consumer version will fit in people’s homes whereas the Katwalk VR and others like it wont.


    Tell me one reason why anybody who’ve got Vive would like to use a keyboard or any other controller then Vive controllers with native roomscale game? If developers would think about another kind of movement the would just made touchpad input in Onward style available. That’s why I think modders would be the best for that… but not with community that size.

    And I do want treadmill… believe me. I want it so badly that I offer them to ship it on US address and I will ship it to UK by myself (for around $1500) + resign from any warranty. And they still refused. Right now they didnt even reply to my email I send around week ago.

    Virtuix needs some competition, agree. Surprisingly this is second project like that (after Cybernith Virtualizer) which literally used people money to fund they company and give people nothing back. Ok Virtuix is slightly better…. they at least offer a refund with pathetic 3% per year… And about Kat VR… well I would go for that if not the price. According to they website is 59999 chines Yuan. Probably around 7000 pounds…

    So You will probably stack with Vorpex and legacy AAA titles. Which… don’t understand my wrong. I’m still super jealous about. That is if You will ever receive Yours… as who knows what will be their next step.


    One more reason? I’ll give you 4 more: developing & testing games, make things more universal for Us, testing games with that extra mode for arcade use.

    I am developing with Unity. The new 5.5 update allows the Vive & touch controllers to work from joystick input but that doesn’t mean the game characters/player will have the ability to walk, run etc and some games aren’t made with Unity and even the ones that are may not choose to update the game project to 5.5.

    I believe Virtuix will allow consumer editions in the near future.. I think the big stores like Walmart/best buy etc have to see how the arcades are doing and if people are going crazy over it then we will see the big stores take on the consumer units. I am developing games as well as building an arcade.. I bought 5 and will be buying more if I am given the chance. I’ll have to pay a $100 license fee a month each* that goes towards servicing. I was also upset that the consumer edition was dropped because that means less customers for me buying my game built for Virtuix.. I posted this on the forum. The Omni 2.0 if Jan builds it will surpass any other treadmill.. the other ones will not fit in homes/apartments.

    I would combine Vorpx with some AAA titles.. it depends on level of immersion and fun because that’s what VR & games is mostly about.

    I think it would be just as amazing if Ralf could engineer a second set of Vive controllers to be mapped to the feet but have the WASD controls added to them as a backup. There is a Unity asset called “arm swinger VR” to make your character walk if you swing your arms as if your walking.. no imagine this mapped to your feet.. if you move vive controllers attached to your feet it will make your character walk but also, you can lift your leg you will be able to see it etc.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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