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    I have gotten a total of 0 (ZERO) games working with this correctly.
    I have gotten a few games to work with no 3D or geometry which doesn’t work well for VR.
    Can you give me an example of one single game that works correctly?


    Games that work for me are:

    Borderlands Pre-Sequel
    Dirt 3
    F1 2012
    F1 2014
    GTAIV – haven’t gotten head tracking yet
    Flight Sim X, though it opens on a different monitor and haven’t gotten head tracking, I do have 3D.

    Though, except for Borderlands and Skyrim, I use Opentrack for head tracking.


    I guess I should give skyrim a try…


    Skyrim works definitely pretty well in Geometry 3D and looks gorgeous this way, but it’s also a prime example why Z-Buffer 3D, which is twice as fast (even a bit more in Skyrim), can be the better alternative in VR, even if both options are availale. At least in games that are not designed for VR.

    Except maybe on extremely low graphics settings it will be impossible to reach 75fps outside in Skyrim with G3D, regardless how fast your PC is. So to reach comfortable 75fps Z-Buffer 3D may very well be the better choice, especially in longer sessions. Unless you are totally immune to any kind of simulator sickness a high framerate can be more important than perfect S3D, which is only one of many depth cues your brain uses to create a sense of depth.

    Interesting read in this regard:


    It did take me some time to get everything working and I got quite frustrated a number of times but so far things are working and it’s great.

    What games have you tried?


    Saw today that vorpx got updated. In these 2-4 hours ive tried New vegas and it works perfect. Changed fov 120 and when i play i use default and when im going in the menu i just click mousescroll and i get the whole pic or i can look and the view goes to that section of the pic.

    But the most epic…. Arma 3. To see inside chopper and look around when im flying and see everything in the right scale(lifelike) or when im shooting with a tank or sniping and everything just works. Extended and to start on monitor rift (while i have my screen as primary) and just start the game and press scroll så navigate menu and then scrollbutton when im inside the game..

    Så fucking awesome guys. Ty for this update.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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