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    Just wanted to say, nice piece of software! I bought it, and spent the time to properly set it up, and I am loving it! Worth the 40 bucks. Its too bad some people can’t get it right. I like it more than my “real” VR games.
    Keep up the good work, and looking forward to new games being added!
    As long as you keep it going, I’ll be an evangelist for sure! I think you have a real winner on your hands with this one, a huge untapped market just starting.


    I agree it works like a charm, especially with Pascal. I am getting 90FPS with detail on medium or high, Geometry, and super sampled resolution. Head tracking and positional tracking on. I am talking about the best Vorpx games like Dishonored, Shadow Warrior, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Bioshock Infinite, Outlast, Dead Space 3. To me, they run about perfect now apart from minor glitches. To be honest i also like Z3D in games like Alan Wake, but of course Geometry is the best mode because of the positional tracking. I suggest to further improve the interface of the software and the documentation about each option to make it just a bit more user friendly.


    I agree, it works like a charm if you only play in Virtual Cinema mode..


    I agree, it works like a charm if you only play in Virtual Cinema mode..

    I don’t ;)


    Thanks guys. Always nice to hear a bit of positive feedback from time to time.


    I have no problem giving credit where credit is due, especially as there seems to be a lot of people out there on the negative train, due to super high expectations or inability to spend the time to set it up. That’s the internet…
    Ralf, If I were you, I would focus on 1) setting expectations – give video tutorials, etc. 2) Maybe a wizard or foolproof simple page of instructions 3) Focus on Geometry 3D for a few more “winner” type games that would win people over. ie. Assassins creed 4,5,6, Splinter cell blacklist, witcher 3, fear 3, alien isolation, mankind divided.
    Keep this puppy rolling – VR is brand new, and this has so much potential to be huge.



    I have to say, i completely see the potential to this software, however I’ve not been able to get it right.

    Had some times where it looked great and then it just went wrong.

    Been trying to set up alien isolation, just can’t get it right.

    Have just got an EVGA 1080 so with a little more grunt i may be ok.

    I think there should be sections for each device, DK1 / 2 / CV and Vive.

    I’ve got the CV and some of the tweaks and fixes for DK2 simply don’t work on the CV.

    Slenderman is a prime example, bought the newest one and it crashes prior to the game loading the first part, intro loads but not the game, have tried a lot of settings, when googling it, i always find fixes for the DK2 not CV.


    I just bought it yesterday. Tinkered around with it. Got Dishonered running. Looking forward to playing through in VR. Gonna play around with the settings to get it looking a little better. So far, its great. Super easy to set up if you follow one of the many guides out there. Good Job Raif, looking forward to more current titles being added to the list!!!!


    I would like to second that. After I discovered vorpX, I no longer use my TV or Monitor for my racing simulators. Really nice piece of software. Thank you for your work, Ralf.


    I couldn’t agree more. Bought VorpX for my DK2 two years ago after getting bored by the demos quickly. So much fun to have playing real games in VR. With the current state of native content available I wouldn’t even have bothered buying a CV1 without VorpX.


    Amen, Vorpx id the main reason I’m saving up for a CV1!


    I’m currently playing the mod that combines both Fallout games, I think it’s called Tale of Two Wastelands. There is no native VR experience that even comes close to the fun I’m having using Vorpx.

    It’s worth taking the time to learn how to use Vorpx. Once you know what you’re doing, each game becomes easier to set up.

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