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    Combined with the other two components of the method, the higher quality scaling (a more subtle improvement), and if possible for a game the texture detail enhancement, the overall result can be pretty stunning in some cases. Varies from game to game though.

    Now tell me not to be hyped lol, sooo any more specific ETA for this, early next week, next weekend?


    Maybe I should better have said pretty stunning for upscaling/sharpening. ;) Seriously, please keep your expectations in check. This is not something magical.

    I’m shooting for early next week, but can’t 100% promise it.


    Judging from my own experience with CP2077, I’d say that sounds a bit unrealistic at this point, after all it’s pretty the much the most demanding you can find. If the highest possible resolution is your main goal, dial down details a bit. Super high resolutions and everything on ultra is something to aim at with the next generation of GPUs in CP2077, at least at 45fps and better.

    Yeah, I know. It really is very, very close however. If the new upscaling/sharpening method is somewhat better I might be able to squeeze what I want out of it; as it stands I’m frustratingly close to perfection. I’m “this far” (imagine my fingers held 1″ apart) away from being able to push 45fps at 2880×1620 with DLSS factors that still look great and running it RT Ultra mode. That’s sufficient resolution for Virtual Cinema mode for sure. I only tested it at 64/32 to see how great I could make it look if I was totally unconcerned regarding the performance.

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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