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    Are you going to update vorpx to amd fidelity fx super resolution 2.0 ? Or is FSR 2.0 useless for vorpx ?


    Check out some of the side-by-side comparisons on YouTube. It’s looking really excellent, that’s for sure. So much crisper than DLSS and only slightly more jaggies. DLSS having so little aliasing may be due to DLSS being intrinsically linked to TAA? If FSR 2.0 isn’t linked to TAA that would be a huge win for FSR 2.0 over DLSS as TAA is always a blurry detail-destroying mess.

    It’ll be amazingballs if Ralf can get FSR 2.0 wedged into vorpX.


    FSR 2.0 has to be implemented by game developers directly, it’s a lot more complex to add to a game than FSR 1.0. It’s better because unlike the first version it’s not “just” a post effect (+ a mipmapping hack) that utilizes image data. Instead it relies on 3d motion vector and occlusion data that isn’t available unless it gets created by the game engine. Trying to use the technique without this data is pretty much pointless, it’s the most important ingredient.


    Ah, bummer, although it makes sense that it couldn’t get much better without being baked into the games themselves.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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