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    I love to explore neat environments in VR, and Observer looks like one I’ll need to check out. Thanks Stryker. Here are new profiles for a couple more I enjoy:

    Among the Sleep [legacy] (G3D)

    This game has an old VR mode, but vorpX gives more control to make it look the way I want. It’s fun to see through the eyes of a toddler and explore his nightmarish world of exaggerated proportion.

    So far I can only get 3D with the legacy version, so users will need to roll back to legacy 1.3.2 in the Steam Properties – Betas tab.

    – use a 4:3 resolution (1600×1200)
    – in game set FOV to max 90
    – in game turn off crosshiar dot

    *Has toggle for shadows and scalable HUD

    Lethe – Episode One (G3D)

    Another atmospheric adventure through a frighting underground. It plays similar to Amnesia and is pretty well made. I hope they can continue with more episodes.

    To avoid conflicts with the official Unreal 3 profile, I renamed UDK.exe to Lethe.exe in steamapps\common\Lethe – Episode One\Binaries\Win32

    – launch game from Lethe.exe (not through steam)
    – use a 4:3 resolution (1600×1200)
    – in game set FOV to max 100

    *Has positional tracking and scalable HUD

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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