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    Today I discovered an ages old bug that may require you to re-save and re-upload some of your profiles once the bug is fixed if you want to provide a seemless experience for everyone downloading them. This is just a heads-up-for now. Don’t do anything until vorpX 19.2.3

    Affected are all FullVR profiles with an ImageZoom value below 1.0 that weren’t created with an original Oculus Rift.

    Explanation: vorpX is supposed to keep the effect of ImageZoom consistent between headsets, which fails for FullVR user profiles with ImageZoom below 1.0 not created with a Rift due to said bug. The result is a different effective FOV for users with other headsets than your own. Unfortunately there is no way to reliably fix this without you taking action.

    If you want it to work as intended for your existing profiles in the future, please re-save and then re-upload them once 19.2.3 is out. You only will have to do this for FullVR profiles with an ImageZoom value below 1.0 that were created with other headsets than an original Rift.

    Sorry in advance for the inconvenience.


    I noticed this when switching between my rift and Pimax4k a lot, which is why I formerly uploaded duplicates of many profiles. It made me wonder what WMR and Vive see when using those profiles. So yes, it would be nice if there could be parity across the headsets, which I’m sure was intended from the start.

    I always use under 1.0 to improve resolution, fov, and cut waste. So looks like I have some work to do :). It’s fun to revisit profiles anyway. I imagine they could still be improved.

    A few questions/thoughts then:

    1. I know we can reupload originals, but any copies made are uploaded as unique. Is there a way for us to remove old profiles?

    2. Not sure I have all the originals after some vorpX reinstalls. I’m guessing downloading our own to reupload again wouldn’t replace either. Correct?

    3. I also wonder if displaying the upload date would be useful. We see which vorpX version it was based from, but often custom profiles are copied from older ones and those numbers don’t always express how current the profile was uploaded/tested. I know we can write the date in description, but not many will do that.

    4. We’ve mentioned before the cloud timeout bug that requires an app restart. I think this is why we see so many blank profile descriptions on there. People take more than 3 minutes to write, then they press upload and assume it went through. I learned long ago to copy everything and check for resubmit. This may be worth fixing.

    5. Lastly and less importantly: A way to view profile descriptions localy. I wonder if there can’t be a small link or button on the Local Profiles page that can open a popup (error message) box displaying profile description data of the selected profile. This way you don’t need to worry about where to place it in the app structure, and users won’t need to log in and search the cloud again. Though I still think a page in the delete key menu for notes would be cool, I understand you try to keep it minimal.

    Just ideas of course. Thanks for sharing your findings.


    1. Assigning a new unique ID when a copy is made is absolutely crucial for the whole system. Deleting profiles only works by manually removing them from the database. Send me a list in case some duplicates should not be required anymore once the zoom issue is resolved.

    2. Don’t recall currently how that is implemented exactly. I’ll check it and if necessary will make sure that the original uploader will be able to re-upload a downloaded profile with the same ID. In case it doesn’t work that way already, that would make sense anyway.

    3. The upload date doesn’t get stored in the server database unfortunately IIRC, but I’ll double check.

    4. The session timeout *should* be 10 minutes and reset with each server action. I’ll check whether there is something wrong.

    5. Planned since forever. One of those things…


    Thank you Ralf for the Information !


    Just a heads-up that today’s hotfix does not yet include the changes I talked about above. I’ll let you know here when re-saving/uploading profiles makes sense.


    Does that information above also apply to Generic VR (Desktop only) profiles?

    I’ve been creating a few (using Full VR below 1 image zoom).

    Thanks Ralf.

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