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    Hi Ralf!
    So, I would like to make an suggest…
    I know that as this is yours business, you need keep your time working in only very popular game profiles . I also know that as Vorpx is a very versatile software is possible and kind of easy to create new profiles using others as base. (I do it myself all the time) But of course, profiles create by us never will be so cool as the native Vorpx profiles… So that is my suggest: Could you think about to sell profiles created by request?
    It could work like that: Me or someone else that is interested about some especific game no listed on supported games Vorpx list, could make a request. If you dont have the game we need provide you the game and you will work on it… If is possible to create a profile playable with some 3D you will return to the requester and give your price about that profile! After that you still could use that as a new profile to Vorpx updates. What you think?? If you like it, I have to say that I already have some games that I would like to request and buy the profiles… :) (sorry about my english)


    Noone would probably want to pay the price for a single profile at the end because it takes sometimes days or even weeks to make a good profile. Besides there is no guarantee that a game can be fixed or not at the current VorpX state, only to find that out will take hours. I had that idea once too, but since i carefully create profiles myself now i can say that wouldnt make sense. I think Ralf would agree on that.

    If you are into older games mainly you can already make requests here, its even free but note the game youre asking for must be availiable through the game search.


    ok, but can anyone says how he create a profile? only using a old profile? or he changes parameters ecc ?


    With Ralf’s time being at minimum $40 per hour (likely higher), then you would not be able to afford a profile that he’s worked on for 2 days. It would cost as much as your VR system.


    this sounds like an awful idea.

    if a profile is made, it should be made available for everyone whos paid for vorpx.

    now if you just wanted to donate money to ralf/vorpx, in *hope* that he’ll push a bit more time towards support for a certain title, that could be nice.


    The best way to draw attention to games that might fly under the radar is the stickied wishlist thread above. It’s monitored regularly and games mentioned there are at the very least checked whether they might be reasonably well suited for vorpX.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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