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    Portal 1: It freezes for me when you are about to start the game.

    Dear Esther: Double screens.

    Gone Home: Broken shadows everywhere.

    Aliens Colonial Marines: Whith shadows off it works great, even with AA on.


    Portal 1 makes problems for ~10% of users. Unfortunately the issue is impossible to replicate here.

    Dear Esther is very well tested. Shouldn’t cause issues normally. You should check things like resolution, 3D Strength, IPD in case of convergence issues.

    Gone home has a *few* broken shadows that aren’t fixable without breaking most of the lighting.

    You could switch to Z-Buffer 3D, which does not have any shader glitches by design. Aliens Colonial Marines for example is a game with excellent Z-Buffer 3D.


    You were right, resolution was wrong with both Stanley Parable and Dear Esther, once changed they looked fine on the DK2. Haven’t tried SP ingame, but Dear Esther looks amazing, great job.

    Gone Home looked really bad imho, maybe inside the house it looks better i don’t know, I couldn’t open the door on the first few minutes and left it there.

    I will try zbuffer on Aliens during the day, though geometry looks fantastic and check it out, thanks for the suggestion.


    Forgot to mention: huge thanks for your work with Vorpx and excellent support, demos are cool but these games are what will keep my DK2 being used daily thanks to Vorpx.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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