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    the weapon double vision / transparent shadow continues without fixing since version 17

    any hope to fix this in a near future Ralf?


    A lot more time has been spent on the issue than you probably imagine. The glow had been fixed for a while but the fix caused other glitches, e.g. some objects disappearing, making at least one puzzle unsolvable without switching to Z3D, which not everyone had the idea to do in the right moment. As far as I’m aware unfortunately it’s impossible to have both glitches fixed, it’s either one or the other. In the end the weapon glow was the lesser evil.

    I’m not 100% sure, but I believe you can holster the weapon, which should largely mitigate the issue unless I’m mistaken. Also the camera height modifier (under ‘More 3D Settings’ in the vorpX menu) is always worth a shot to get weapons out of sight.


    I haven’t played in a bit but disappointed to hear the weapon shimmering is back. Is there any way we can have an option. I’d rather have the weapon not shimmering and go to z3d at certain spots.

    Also I believe I read re2 has director now, will that ever be possible with re7? Also if the shimmering is here to stay is there a way to roll back to the version where it wasn’t there. A main reason for my purchase was re7 and do not want to play with the shimmering weapon.


    VorpX menu:
    Main Settings
    More 3d Stereo settings
    Adjust Camera Height modifier to 0.15
    Lean back from your typical playing seating position 6-12 inches, press alt-space to recenter your view. Lean forward to your typical playing position.
    moves the glare down and back. Perfect? no, but 90% better. You have to find the sweet spot while leaning back to minimize visibility of glare, but not introduce undesired effects like seeing through doors when you are up close. A little tweaking and you should find a good middle ground. Read this on a tutorial but the link is now broken so I can’t credit the original author.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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