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    One concern I have with this software is the Steam VAC and Punkbuster protection mechanisms built into online games.  With using this driver are we confined to local, single player games (oh I sure hope to god not)?  Has this been tested in multiplayer games?  Are the anti-cheat systems aware of VorpX and have the details been worked out so that players are not blacklisted for using this driver online?

    If this driver will work online without the worry of blacklist detection then we are good to go, but I would really stress that the VAC and Punkbuster systems need to know about this prior to going live with it.

    Major buzzkill to get this driver only to find out your account has been blacklisted due to the driver being used online.

    Anyone have thoughts on this or feedback?


    Online gaming is not recommended for now, since unfortunately I have no way of telling how anti-cheat systems react. I tried to reach out to Punkbuster regarding a possible validation process, but haven’t heard back from them so far. Maybe once vorpX is available it will be easier to get in touch.

    That being said, vorpX’s base mechanism is similar to Fraps, the Steam overlay or image enhancers like SweetFX etc. which are used by many people online without any problems. If game companies would start banning everyone who uses some kind of DirectX intercepting program, they would have to ban a lot of people for no reason. I just can’t guarantee anything.


    I’m hopeful it will still work. Helix mods change a ton of the files and I’ve yet to see those break any multiplayer functionality. Have you tested this at all, Ralf? If not, the rest of us will… when the drivers are available to us.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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