Any chance for a sale during E3 2019?

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    Kranky Pantz

    E3 2019 has now started.
    Any chance that you’ll have a sale during the event?

    Plus the Steam Summer Sale will be starting shortly, which may be an incentive to try some non-VR AAA title with vorpX.

    Seems like an ideal opportunity for increased sales since gaming/VR interest is usually at it’s peak for the year during this event, even more so than during Black Friday (which I believe was the last time there was a vorpX sale).

    Might be great timing considering that Summer is soon approaching for many parts of the world and gaming is usually put on the back-burner for several months.

    Just an idea, as it could also peak the interest for those who have been holding off due to there not being a demo available, myself included.


    current price is already cheap considering what vorpx achieves.

    it’s not even the price of a AAA game, it’s cheaper and allow you to play hundreds of games (officially & unofficially) with your VR headset.

    i would say it doesnt need to get any cheaper.

    plus every updates so far have been free of charge, even the biggest ones.

    you dont need to renew your vorpx licence every year unlike many others services (like antivirus softwares for example).


    Anyone who learns how to use VorpX learns quick that for $40 they stole this thing. lol Yes Steph12, I’m just happy there isn’t monthly licensing or something like that.


    For what this software does, it’s really cheap. Just make sure you have a good resolution HMD, because many of those PC games have detailed graphics (especially outdoors) and they don’t work nice with a low resolution.

    After trying out Crysis, i realized that the SDE is killing my immersion, and returned the Rift S. Now i have an HP Reverb on order. Mainly for VorpX use – yes, that’s how good VorpX is. :)


    Nice, let us know how it looks with your Reverb. I’ve got my finger hovering over the button, itching to get one myself.


    God damn it, you guys are the reason I can’t freaking catch a break with this thing as it’s sold out all the time. However, any of you worried about WMR platform? How well does VorpX work with Windows Mixed Reality HMDs?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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