Any chance for forza horizons 4?

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    I’m surprised it hasn’t been mentioned yet. Or is it impossible due unknown restrictions of some kind? I mean anything will do at this point, vr should’ve been included natively from the start.


    I’ve been led to believe the windows store includes some active DRM that might block vorpX, though I’ve never installed anything from the store to try. I’m curious if anyone has had success with any windows game.

    Seems like people were trying for Sea of Thieves (another windows exclusive), but didn’t have luck with vorpX.

    The Forza games do seem like they would be pretty cool in VR. If it were on steam I’d probably have it by now.


    That pretty much sums it up. Unfortunately Windows Store games are protected in multiple ways, so no way to hook into them without truly hacking them, which probably isn’t a good idea.

    A 50% workaround is playing them windowed with the vorpX desktop viewer, but of course that won’t provide any form of stereo 3D.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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