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    I used the Search function on the message board, as well as a quick Google search to see if there was any way to use an Oculus Touch controller as a mouse pointer. I found that there wasn’t, and that there were already topics made to request it as a feature. (I got the idea to try playing Danganronpa V3 in VR. The ‘Daily Life’ sections are first-person view, and the ‘Class Trials’ use the mouse to move a crosshair like a lightgun game. Seemed like a natural fit, if the controller could work as a pointer. I’m just a little unsure about the dynamic camera movements during trials, though it does take quite a lot to make me dizzy. I haven’t gotten actual motion sickness yet from VR.) I figure that making another request topic would kind of be beating a dead horse, and didn’t want to harass anybody.

    It did get me thinking about it, though. I was wondering if there are any other programs to remap controls or other things that work well alongside VorpX? For example, ReShade is often used alongside different video games that it supports, and I’ve seen multiple external programs used for games like New Vegas to get better visuals or features that aren’t innately built into the game.


    Im not an employee for Vorpx but let me try to answer your questions, to my understanding of the program.

    It will not transfer the input of the touch controller as a mouse pointer in 3d space as if you were ‘aiming’ with your hand – all the ‘aiming’ is done with your head, in first person and third person games. You will, for most games, pretty much just be getting the core game as it would launch on your desktop, just in some form of 3d

    Theres ‘3 types’ of 3d the program does for games it ‘works with’;

    Geometry 3d, the most convincing and hardware taxing option that is supported… I can barely run most games in Geo 3d with my card so im not the person to ask about it, I can say, when it works right, Geo 3d is pretty much as ‘native’ as a VR game. I played Resident Evil 7 with Geometry 3d and was able to get full 6dof (6 degrees of freedom; able to lean forward, duck head, look around corner with head like a real VR game, without using analog stick. Analog still could still be used for looking up and down, but when the game is supported this well, you basically just need the stick to ‘look’ left and right, as you would in any standard game)

    More widely supported by games on the unofficial list as often dont do Geo3d, they tend to more likely support only Z-Adaptive and Z-normal 3d 3d, which; to my understanding, are just ‘tricks’ on the eye to simulate 3d but not having to render the scene twice as Geometry 3d does.

    So the game will control of the same, use your controller if you want; you can get it to work with the touch as a “gamepad”, but its not necessary, but if you want to ‘aim’ around with your Touch controller, it unfortunately doesnt do that (could be interesting, but that would require an entire base level code rewrite i think, to make the gun indepedent of the camera in these old games… there are a few full conversion mods like Doom 3 BFG and I think theres one for Half Life 1 and like Doom 1, 2, Hexen that are full conversion with moving the controller to ‘aim’ like in a normal VR game – Vorpx does not do this, it displays your game in 3d and controls are same as they were.

    Now as far as other ‘supported programs’ – Nothing really ‘supported’ i can think of, but it doesnt conflict with things like Mods or ReShade, those things all still work, I played Sekiro and Dark Souls 3 with First Person Cheatengine mods and got to have a legit Dark Souls in 1st person dungeon crawling experience in full VR, was very cool. Currently doing a playthru of Resident Evil 2 with the First Person mod (this one the head bobs a little bit, you wanna turn it off in options but it still does it… but i the mod menu in game, you like can expand FoV so the bobbing is very very tiny)

    So – yeah, any mods you wanna use, whatever goes along those lines, you will have no trouble with Vorpx. The only issue you might see is Vorpx might try to ‘hook’ these programs and ‘launch’ them in VR (this will just bring up an error message on your pc saying Vorpx couldnt ‘attach’ to the program’, with the option to “add to exclude list” and Vorpx wont try to ‘attach’ to that program again in the future, at most youll have to ALT+Control+DEL and shut down that program, add it to ‘exclude’ list in error message and youre good to go)

    So things to expect – Vorpx is NOT rendering a 360 degree room around you, like i think a real VR game does, it is at the end of the day just taking whats on the monitor and running it thru some magical technology that makes it have a cool 3d VR effect haha – but expect more limited ‘field of views’ than a full VR game, get used to having a little extra black at the top and bottom of your field of view, thats the only real “DOWNSIDE” I can see to the program if youre looking for a true VR experience, just limited Field of Views in some cases and in some cases rectified even more via modding, like Red Dead Redemption 2’s mod over in the Game Hints and Settings forum

    But for first person games, you set them to “Full VR Mode”; theres also “Cinema” and “immersive screen mode”, but, i think “full vr mode” is why youre 90% likely interested in the product (Not to denounce cinema and immersive screen mode, they are fantastic for 3rd person games)

    But “Full VR mode” basically ties your head to your ‘mouse look’ button (some games you will see Vorpx flipping back and forth between button prompts from PC to controller settings), Vorpx turns your ‘head’ into the camera you would regularly control on the right stick and if the game supports full Geo 3d – you should get pretty close to a regular VR experience, with whatever mods/filters you wanna add to it all working. It is not miracle software though, like if your have a CV1 like I do – alot of black levels in these games were not built for VR at all and I get alot of washed out colors when in dark areas, not Vorpx’s fault, just how they did CV1 screen… so dont be surprised if you run into that).

    So once youre in game, you can mess with Vorpx settings; there will be menus in the headset once youre ‘in game’ you can access by clicking in left control stick on Xbox controller or on your Keyboard under “Del”; I believe. This button is your new friend. There is an option to change it, in the same menu, by going to the tab with Xbox Controller options and setting it from “Press Sticks” to “Press Start/Back” buttons, i always switch to this. But the menu youre at now is Vorpx’s in game menu (via left stick click or DEL button on keyboard) and you can play with how zoomed in the image is by Vorpx, how sharp/bright it is, what “3d mode” you want (Geometry, Zadapter, Znormal like i mentioned earlier). If the game supports DirectVR, use that option and it should scan your field of view and motion so you can have full 3d, but, it depends game to game. This menu can be fiddled with alot and will allow you to access “Full VR Mode” (Best attempt to make it into a VR experience for first person games), “Immersive Screen Mode” and “cinema mode” as well.

    So “Full VR Mode” Is probably what youre after in most cases, wanting to play an FPS or large scale rpg and have “depth” and 3d to the environment is usually Vorpx running ideally. Use DirectVR scan if its an option and see how much it supports 3d, whether its got Geometry 3d, Zadaptive/Znormal 3d. The game may support an adjustment of the HUD to bring things into view easily, like health bars. Not all games support this, youll have to just check in the Vorpx menu (Left stick click or DEL button again) and see if you can scale the HUD.

    If you cant scale the HUD, thats where right stick click comes in. This will also be your friend. Right stick click will drag the game back to a ‘theater’ view and allow you to check all things like health bars, menu settings, etc, without the ‘warping’ of the graphics that youre getting in Full VR Mode in 3d. This will be a commonly used button, its best to watch in game cutscenes this way as well. This option can also be change in the Vorpx Menu (DEL or Left stick click) to go to menu/back buttons by going to the Xbox tab and change “Vorpx buttons” from “Stick click” to “Menu/Back” buttons. If you TAP ‘back button’ now, itll bring up Vorpx Menu, if you hold it in, youll get the game option for the “back button” is.

    So last thing, 3rd person games. Totally work and are really cool. Was playing Darksiders 3 recently and it was rad, looking down at Fury like shes thru a window, not thru a TV screen and just thrashing baddies up in 3rd person, if Vorpx supports the game well and you get your settings right, “Immersive Screen Mode” and “cinema mode” are primarily how youll be playing those games, and they have full depth and everything. Also a little trick if youre trying to play a first person game that has too much ‘camera bob’ and you cant turn it off or ‘mod it off’, dont play in full VR, play in Immersive Screen, set it to be close with Vorpx in game menu (DEL button again) and it will not wrap around you and lower the chance of naseau if a first person games camera was bugging you.

    But yes, the program pretty much ‘supports’ whatever mod you wanna throw at your game, its doing nothing beyond taking the image and putting it into your headset and making it have depth/3d… your games are yours, mod em how you want, have cheatengine running, whatever works for you, if the game has a profile on Vorpx is the only real issue youll run into.

    But ya, you could mod the hell out of New Vegas then play in Vorpx :P lol


    As much as I appreciate the effort you put into your answer, you completely misunderstood my question. I’ve used VorpX before. I’ve been tinkering with New Vegas on and off already with it. (I’ve found that a leader/general playstyle using the “RobCo Certified” mod as well as a sniper build for personal combat seems to work best using VorpX, since using scopes mainly will ‘hide’ the fact that your gun is essentially glued to your head.) I’ve also been playing Portal 2 with it as well, although I can’t seem to get the internal resolution up higher without screwing with the FOV somehow. I’ll turn up the resolution and start up the game, but my view is insanely zoomed in.

    Anyways, what I was getting at is that some setups use multiple programs running at once to achieve the effect wanted. I was just using New Vegas as an example, since you’d optimally be running the “DynaVision” mod, an ENB, ReShade, and New Vegas Reloaded (Another external program usually run through injection managed by a mod) all at once to get absolute control over the graphics of the game.

    In a case like this, VorpX would count as a single program. I might also consider using something like Joy2Key at the same time, with VorpX in Controller Mode, to have a much more elaborate key-binding setup than I would with VorpX’s native key-binding alone. Now I’m not only running VorpX, but I’m running another program WITH VorpX AT THE SAME TIME.

    In addition, over the weekend I downloaded a demo for an iPhone app called “PocketStrafe”. I haven’t gotten to testing it yet, but it’s supposed to let you move in-game by physically walking in place, by placing your phone in your pocket and having it track your leg movement and sending the information to the computer to act as a button press or directional controller input, with separate modes for normal games and VR games where your visual direction is decoupled from your movement direction.

    So, at this point, I’d be running Joy2Key, VorpX, and PocketStrafe together to get insanely immersive and elaborate game controls for my game. Do you guys know of any additional programs that would work well alongside VorpX as well to improve things even further?


    Doesn’t apply to any of the games you mentioned I think, but for some racing/flightsim games that support the TrackIR hardware, OpenTrack is a useful companion to vorpX. It can translate headset rotation/movement to TrackIR input.


    Perhaps this list can be of interest in this matter.

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