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    hello, i was thinking about the new VR-Direct functionality for the next patch, this sounds really interesting, but I have some serious doubts about my head.

    New functionality allows automatic adjustment of Fov among other things possible.
    I’m not sure if this,can be used in all cases, or only a certain amount of controlled games,in any case makes life easier and that’s always good.

    The question is
    What happens when you use a game setting less than 90 degrees?
    For example,a typical Battlefield hardline campaign? although this game was able to reach up to 110-120 degrees in multiplayer,but campaign was not able.
    Is this functionality is able to adjust or fix this somehow?

    Will we continue to have the same current features available in the vorpx menu to help these cases with the current options?
    For example (Zoom, 3d ,, Fov enhancement aspect modes, 2d enhancement e.t.c.)

    Could be a good idea, keep both ways? Vr-direct and also the current system, if we find some cases where it can make things easier.
    I’m not sure yet, as is this new functionality.

    Regarding the control mapping,it will no longer be absolutely necessary for any game?
    Be available natively for some extra controller xbox 360/One,as Steamcontroller for example?
    It will continue ability to map a control to other devices such as Razer Hydra,Oculus touch?

    I’m in a sea of doubt :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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