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    Some UE4 titles won’t even let VorpX hook into it but won’t run in SteamVR theater mode either such as Outlast 2. Curious Ralph, if you’re making any headway on the engine support? My monitor is just a bit too small for gaming so am getting anxious for this support.


    Abz├╗ is a UE4 game, try that as a base profile. I highly doubt that 3D would work with other games though. Unlike UE3 profiles UE4 profiles are probably game specific in most cases.

    Also make sure that the game you want to try uses its DX11 render path if it also has DX12. DX12 won’t work with vorpX for sure.


    SO this means we’re unlikely to see general UE4 support even in Z3D? I was hoping the next big update of VorpX would have better UE4 support. Hell I’d even pay a monthly fee if it would help improve UE4 support.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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