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    I’m trying to find the best options for Arma 3 with Vorpx and the resolution and fov is causing some issues.

    the vorpx seems to work almost plug and play with arma 3, but the problem is the vision is too round if i can describe it right. as if the player was inside a bubble. second problem is that the fov or the resolution is off which makes the realistic vr option feel more like a screen than vr. for example you can see how characters and vehicles next to you appear to be larger at the edge of the field of view.

    i use vorpx profile and have reseted it multiple times.
    i guess im looking for a example of settings that work with you.

    my desktop is 3440×1440 21:9 ultrawide. could this cause problems?

    thank you for the answers.


    I’ve just bought VorpX, with Arma3 as my primary game to use it on, so I’ll be trying to get the settings right.
    Your description sound like what mine looked like when I first tried it. I’ve started playing with a lot of the settings, and have it nearly perfect after not too much playing around. I can post the settings I’ve used, but it also depends on the hardware/HMD you’re using, I think. I’m using a HP Reverb G1, on a mediocre PC running a RTX 2070 (non-super). My desktop monitor is a 2560 x 1440 144Hz, but one of the things I have working is a custom resolution for Arma3 of 2160 x 2160 (which mirrors my HMD’s resolution).
    I can post my settings up later tonight and talk you through them, and hopefully they might help. What HMD and GPU are you using?


    Does VorpX work with online coop play in Arma3? Or does it have some anti-cheat thing going on?


    Yes, ArmA3 uses BattleEye by default for official servers. But you can disable BE in the ArmA launcher, and set your server browser filter to show only those running without BE. The main problem here is these servers are usually have specific mods, which you’ll need to have installed.

    There is however a new Vietnam DLC that just dropped yesterday “SOG Prairie Fire” and it already has 3 vanilla servers running without BE. I was able to join one that had 38 players. I haven’t played ArmA for years, but this is defiantly worth returning for. All the more awesome in vorpX of course!

    adrian J

    Hi all

    Specs: Quest2 , 3080 , 10900k

    I’ve recently purchased VorpX to use Arma3
    I’ve setup a few custom resolutions & found the more square ones seem better ( 2048×2160 )

    Few issues

    View seems slightly zoomed in
    no matter what VorpX setting or Arma3 “zoom” , “5×4” etc in res setting option
    I tried changing fov in the arma3 config file , I saved it but dont think it’s doing much

    Very slight gosh eye type effect when moving head left & right

    Any ideas ?

    adrian J


    I made a custom resolution which is same as my quest 2 ( 1832×1920 ) & used auto stretch option in arma2 as well as selecting the new custom res

    Much better & aspect seems spot on,
    just x2 last points below :

    But still need to zoom out a tad -when I press minus key for small zoom out that seems about right but can not keep my finger in it

    Fish eye still slightly present

    Other than that all else impressive
    Just need to sort these last x2 points

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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