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    Hi, I think vorpx, is a 3d fantastic tool.
    however, much like I see some of these improvements or ideas.
    Is there any possibility to include?
    In this far these are for me the most important.
    (sorry english it’s not my native language ;)

    1:I would like to vorpx,option to enable/disable extra croshair from the menu ingame vorpx.One optional crosshair,or laser point to solve some problems in stereoscopic cases.(You could even customize form and color …)
    This may require disable/ignore the current crosshair or laser point,depending on the game,but I think it would be a fantastic choice,to help in different cases.

    2:Another idea that I would love, is the inclusion of an extra option in the menu ingame vorpx:
    Player/weapon fov-adjustable,that could work very well as a route for some games. In some cases, this can also act as it currently does in flawless widescreen.
    And let after adjusting the size of weapons is significantly modified with separation 3d in some games,besides the distance between the camera and “weapon”.

    3:Possibility of including a small tool, for users trying to support some 3D titles not currently supported.
    Thus, some users are more involved helping to improve and expand the list of vorpx compatibility.

    4:added main tab,in the current interface vorpx(external),offering the ability to add shorcuts,to launch games from here optionally.
    (for example,steam shorcuts or .exe in directories,added and launch from this panel)

    5:Include more options in the current optimizer game setting.
    Example:More options for scaling UI/GUI in 3d z-modes,and subtitles above,(for other languages without translation of voices) where possible from the files in several cases.
    Example (outlast, oblivion, vanishing ethan carter) are perfectly playable, except subtitulos.No have voices for all languages.

    More types of fov, sometimes present (camerafov outlast example) etc.

    6:offer possibility 3d sbs mode(monitors,projectors and 3D TV)

    Sorry my english.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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