Any possibility G3D profiles are borked on Pimax HMDs?

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    I see references to perfect G3D profiles (TW3, for example), only to find that no matter which game I try there are always errors in the rendering. The only titles I can think of that I’m currently running where shadows and lighting are 100% correct are FO3 and FNV (although there are pip-boy and terminal issues; that’s minor since I can hot-key to turn off 3D for those). Every single other title I try has either shadow or lighting issues or both, and yes I’m allowing vorpX to ‘change game settings.’ Off the top of my head titled I’ve tried that I thought had proper G3D but didn’t are FO4, Outer Worlds, ELEX and LiS.

    Considering how well many of these older titles run in G3D, it would be really nice to be able to use G3D a lot more often. Is this a Pimax thing, or are these issues universal?


    Shadows and other effects in modern games are often implemented with deferred rendering techniques that aren’t easily stereoizable. Past 3D drivers like Tridef often had the same glitches (or worse) in such cases. Fallout 4 however should be largely fine though except for some *very* minor issues with character shadows occasionally.

    In general make sure to keep the 3D-Strength at realistic levels (in official profiles that means 1.0). With realistic 3D these glitches usually aren’t too bad, only with exaggerated ‘doll-house’ 3D they become too annoying to be bearable.


    OK, thanks. At least I know it’s not just me. I usually push at least a little *less* 3D than the default vorpX settings. In G3D the default is often a tad more than I want, and in Z3D the artifacts are nearly always too much for me to tolerate on the default depth.

    My vote goes to more advanced shaders so we can have more G3D!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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