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    Hey everyone,

    I downloaded moons of madness and tried a few UE4 profiles, abzu, hellblade, vampyr and still was getting some ‘stretching’ on the edges in full vr mode. Like the objects would elongate themselves in the peripheral of my field of view.

    has anyone found a profile that works well with this game they could upload or recommend? thanks for your time!


    I think a problem with this one might be theres no real FOV settings… is that something i should be able to get around with vorpx? Im pretty well versed in vorpx at this point but wasnt seeing anyways to mess with this games fov and the game itself doesnt have a fov option or slider… i was looking to see if there was any info on command prompts to force fov to certain point and wasnt having any luck online with the info about the game thats out there so far… it did just get released, so im not surprised by that, just im a cosmic horror lover and this is like right up my alley, lol.

    Ralf – if you plan on looking at this one and building a serious vorpx profile for it, if you could just respond and let me know, then ill just hold off on playing it :p

    sorry to ask straight up like that, lol, your program is worth sooooo much more than you charge for it and i recommend everyone i know who gets vr headsets to get it, so you dont owe me squat.. but if you could make a profile for this one it would make me super happy lol. take care of yourselves, everyone!

    and again, ralf – thanks for your fantastic product. You have brought so many games to life for me that i really have to say youre the #1 player in VR as far as im concerned at this point – all these companies releasing these half games/wave shooters, etc.. you got us playing real games and i appreciate it so much. Currently on a playthru of Prey and your profile for that is fantastic. thanks for your work!


    I remember being impressed by the trailer and adding this to my waiting list. I’m still deciding between this and a couple others right now though.

    For many Unreal 4 games you can get significant FOV boost by adding this line at the bottom of Engine.ini:


    …usually found in C:\Users\(user)\AppData\Local\(game)\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

    (if no such file or folders exist already, sometimes creating them can work)

    From there you can use a combination of vorpX image zoom and 3D FOV Enhancement to squeeze more view if you need it. You may need to enable expert settings in vorpX config app to use this. Also disable the directVR page in delete menu if it happens to be active in that profile.

    3D FOV Enhancement is mostly the last resort though. You can gain a fair amount with it maxed to 1.50 but you’ll notice it comes at the cost of edge culling so only push it as high as you can tolerate. If you must use alot, using an ultra-wide resolution (21:9) can help hide most culling on the sides.


    dellrifter’s post pretty much nails it. I’d just like to add an even stronger warning in regard to the ‘3D FOV Enhancement’ option. In most newer games it not only causes edge culling, but may also cause additional issues with shadows, reflections and other FX, so it’s probably better to lower “Image Zoom” a bit more instead in most newer titles.

    ‘3D FOV Enhancement’ works great for older games without any deferred rendering, but in newer games it often causes more issues than it solves unfortunately.


    You guys are fantastic, thank you, ill give this a shot!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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