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    Although my favorite games are atmospheric ones like fallout, mass effect, and deus ex, I have been craving some sort of RTS game, that has you looking down on the field of play like the units are little soldiers you can command. I think this would be pretty cool. Anyone know of any that work?


    No RTS, but there is one turn based strategy game with 3D: X-Com: Enemy Unknown/Within. It’s heavily animated, not just icons on a map like one may expect from turn based strategy, so there is quite a bit of action. Looks quite nice on the cinema screen. Also has gamepad support which is rather unusual for a strategy game.

    One RTS that isn’t supported, but works in 2D is Homeworld Remastered. If you like the atmosphere of the Homeworld games as much as I did back in the day or enjoy looking at beautifully rendered starships in general, you will love it on the huge cinema screen even without 3D. Otherwise maybe not.


    Maybe I’ll check out xcom. thx.
    I think I’m permanently hooked on geometry3D, I don’t think I could go back to flat. :)
    I can’t even play monitor games anymore with VR.
    Homeworld in G3D would be nice, but I read that its tough to crack that one.
    Another few suggestions on G3D if you want to add to your upcoming games list:
    – C&C games would be cool.
    – Divinity Original Sin

    But I guess those would be cinema only, so limiting your audience.


    Just out of curiousity Ralf,
    How hard is it to port over the games Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Mankind Divided? Just wondering because they already have a really badly implemented stereoscopic feature using virtual desktop. I notice VorpX does a much nicer job on the quality. So I’ll play those games if I have to on the built-in 3d, but if it was on VorpX I’d wait for that.


    There is a Rise of the Tomb Raider profile for its native S3D mode in the current vorpX version. It’s cinema mode only since it basically uses the video player mode, but the game is third person, so anything else doesn’t really make too much sense anyway. Make sure to select the DX11 renderer in the game.

    You probably could also use this profile as a base for a Mankind Divided custom profile. Would also be cinema mode only this way. A full VR mode that utilizes pre-existing S3D like in Mankind Divided will follow with the next bigger vorpX update. Not really a problem, there just wasn’t enough time anymore before the recent update.


    Oh nice. Tomb raider seems to work well, but Mankind Divided does not work using that profile. I just duplicated it and assigned it to the .exe. It will either just hang, or gives the error:
    Conflict detected, rename/remove the file: dxgi.dll (under the mankind divided game path)

    Any suggestion?
    Thx for your quick response.


    Ok I renamed that file, and it worked. Imagine that.
    Unfortunately, vorpx can’t save mankind divided from itself. The stereo rendering that it uses is abysmal to say the least. Horrible aliasing and shadow issues on edges of objects. So pretty much the same as running it through Virtual desktop. I was hoping it was something VorpX could fix.
    Maybe with the real VR profile in an upcoming release it will be better. Check it out though, to see what I mean. I’m runnning at 1920×1080 with medium settings.
    Its excruciating.
    The weird thing is, I’ve even tried testing it (on VD) at higher resolutions, and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’m almost wondering it being mirrored to my monitor (which maxes out at 1080p) is holding it back somehow.


    Quite effective sometimes to follow suggestions made by error messages, isn’t it?

    Since with this profile vorpX doesn’t do any stereo 3d by itself, it looks exactly like the 3d the game has when being played on a monitor. I’ll check whether something else will be possible. But if not even the developers themselves did Geometry 3D while implementing 3D support for their game, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.


    Just to clarify, DXMD does have stereo3D, just horribly blocky and aliased.
    The funny thing is, both Mankind Divided and Rise of Tomb Raider are identical game engines. Made by same developer, and even have exactly the same graphic configuration options and menus.
    But in DXMD, it looks awful, while in Rise, it looks decent.
    If you do implement your own S3D ala Vorpx, I’m sure it will be better than whatever they kludged together for DXMD.


    It just seems a bit questionable to me whether something better will be possible than what the game devs were able to do themselves with full access to their source code. Don’t expect anything better unless you hear otherwise.


    Yeah I’m not sure where they went so wrong with that one, while so right with the other one, using the same engine.
    Well, if you ever do decide to tackle it, I’ll be first in line.


    Just an update to this, to add to your collection of game-related information. I’ve been testing things for the last hour or 2.
    One of my hunches was correct in that VorpX can render higher resolution than Virtual desktop can apparently.
    Because if I crank up the res to 2400×1440, it gets rid of a lot of the jaggies, while still performing very well compared to VD.
    When I tested previously on VD, no matter what I set the game res to, it always looked bad.
    So its a big step forward anyways now, the game is playable. Thank VorpX for that.
    The DXUI.dll that VorpX had an issue with is actually from a FOV mod I had installed. So now (since vorpx doesn’t like that file) I just need a way to bump up the FOV a bit higher than the game allows and I’ll all set. But even if I don’t, its still playable as is.
    Loving cinema mode VorpX more and more each day!


    Hey Ralf,
    Any way to get this to work with my dxui.dll FOV fix mod? Something I can set on vorpx to allow it?


    Sorry, I meant dxgi.dll. Here is the readme from the mod, in case it helps you know what it is:

    Enhanced FoV Options for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
    Made by SeanP

    This mod allows you to change the Field of View in DXMD (including higher or lower values than the game normally allows) at the press of a button. It also allows you to change the rendered FoV of your hands separately, so weapon animations won’t look strange on higher FoV settings.

    Installation: Install the x64 Visual C++ 2015 Runtime (, and then merge the \Deus Ex Mankind Divided\ folder with the one in your Steam library directory (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Deus Ex Mankind Divided\)

    NOTE: If you already had Special K installed before installing this, make sure you dxgi.ini has the following in it:

    Default keybinds:
    Increase FoV: +
    Decrease FoV: –
    Increase Hands FoV: period
    Decrease Hands FoV: comma
    Restore Player Preferred FoV: Backspace
    Restore Game default FoV: Delete

    You can change the keybinds and default FoVs by going to \Deus Ex Mankind Divided\retail\ and editing DXMD_FOV.ini

    This mod is built on top of Kaldaien’s Special K dll, which also adds support for other stuff (such as texture dumping). To edit Special K settings, go to the \Deus Ex Mankind Divided\ folder and edit dxgi.ini. You can find more info about Special K here:

    If you find any bugs, please contact me at:


    Deux Ex Mankind Divided is on Sale on Steam. did you manage to make it work in VorpX? Thx!

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